What To Do If You Are in a Parking Lot Accident

Because of low speeds, many drivers and pedestrians are asleep in a false sense of security in a parking lot. However, twenty percent of all car accidents occur in commercial car parks.
A brief moment of inattention of the driver or a pedestrian can lead to a parking lot of the accident. Most accidents involve parking that minor damage. Accidents “support” can cause much more serious injuries, including the blow of the rabbit, broken bones and even death.
What if you are in a parking accident?
You can manage a lot of accidents as you would handle an accident on the road. Please note that parking mishaps can be misleading because the damage may seem quite minor at first glance. Do not leave the scene of the accident without the exchange of insurance information.
Also, do not pay the other driver at the time to keep the insurance companies out of it. There are no reliable people out there who would have liked to take your money and then file a wound claim or later. And your payment can be used as evidence that you admit guilt.
When should I call the police?
The police rarely respond to parking accidents unless the traffic accident blocks or have bodily injuries. If the police arrive, first check if there are injuries and summon all emergency personnel if necessary. Then collect information for an accident report.
In an accident report the names of drivers, passengers and witnesses are listed. It also includes insurance information and may contain a schematic of the scene of the accident. Accident reports can be collected a few days after the accident at the police station for a small fee.
the police do not respond, you can search the security of the mall or
other security personnel to establish an incident management.
The incident report contains much of the same information as the accident report. Because the incident report is created by a private company, you do not have a legal right back. If you can not get a copy on your own, your attorney can assign a copy if necessary.
Admitting an error on the scene
In most cases, none of the parties admitted fault. In fact, some parts can become very argumentative. Do not bother to discuss who is to blame, simply exchange information names, contacts and insurance.
It is important at this point to reach an agreement with the other person. Give yourself time to get the thoughts together. An accident is a stressful event, you do not want to take a hasty decision point to you as guilty.
If your vehicle is not manageable, call a tow truck. There’s no reason to stay in the scene.
The collection of evidence
not wanting to discuss the fault with the other party, you can gather
evidence that can help you erase their lack in the future.
Here are some simple steps you can take to gather the necessary evidence.
1. Witness Look
gathered witnesses who can help prove that the other driver was at
fault, ask them what they saw and if you can include a brief statement
of them.
Pick up your name, address, phone number and a brief description of what he saw. Inform your insurance company can contact them.
2. Document of the scene of the accident
If you have a camera or cell phone, take pictures of the accident scene before moving vehicles. You can also take a short video of the scene. Focus on the point of impact and the surrounding area. Photos and videos can act as unbiased witnesses.
3. Search for surveillance cameras
You can be in a parking lot with surveillance cameras. If so, the cameras may have recorded the incident. Although parking management is not legally required to publish the
video for you, a lawyer may quote a copy if necessary upon request.
About Insurance Claims
If you do not have a traditional fault or liability does not matter with regard to property damage. As a general rule, Guiltless insurance policies do not cover property damage. By
informing your insurance company about the accident, file a claim for
property damage to the other driver if you think you were at fault.

What To Do If You Are in a Parking Lot Accident

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