Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

if you are reading this Equity Group Freedom opinion, chances are that
you are thinking about becoming a member and doing you research online.
If this is the case, look no further. In this third article, I will give you all the essential details you need before joining. Now
fast and well … I want to indicate that I am not a member of the
Freedom Equity Group and I am affiliated with them in any way.
In fact, I do not really care one way or another if you choose to join or not. This is important to you because you know that at least you get an impartial view of the business. Having said that, we will start …
First of all, let’s talk about the company itself. In
my opinion, having excellent products and a lucrative compensation plan
comes second to having a solid company with a stable infrastructure
that can manage future growth.
The company started in 2002 so it is not a start-up is good if you are looking for a company that is a little more stable. The management team is very experienced and leaders on the ground seem to be very professional. The
company is based in California and is associated with some reputable
companies such as Fidelity & Guaranty and National Western Life.
suggestion is that if you are absolutely serious about assembling and
building a long-term business with them, take the time to visit its
headquarters in Arroyo Grande.
course you could go pocket for traveling expenses but if you are
exercising reasonable due diligence makes sense only to meet people in
the home office.
course, if your goal is simply to make a few dollars here and there,
then you probably will not have to take the time to visit the home
But if you’re looking to build a long-term business, you can earn six digits (6 digits or more) per year, so it’s worth it. Speaking of his experience, I did it before joining some companies. I would have saved him a lot of time and frustration.
The main product of Freedom Equity Group is Universal Life Insurance Index, or IUL. It is a form of permanent coverage, unlike the temporary insurance coverage is only for a certain period of time. In addition to life insurance, IUL also provides a savings vehicle that can accumulate and grow your tax on free money. And if that was not enough, the policies also sold the benefits of life, allowing you to use your coverage without dying. Everyone needs to be educated on these essential financial services so
that you will have a great market to promote your product if you decide
to join it.
As far as the compensation plan is fairly straightforward. Based on the position you have earned, you will earn up to 93% of the annual premium for all personal customers. For
example, if you have a paying customer $ 250 a month, you get a
percentage of the annual premium is $ 3,000 in this example.
say you are a district chief (who is the third in the compensation
plan), you will earn 50% of the annual premium would be $ 1,500.
Not bad for a customer. Note that you will most likely have 75% of their initial commission and 25% of it later. And you will be paid after the client is approved, it can take 30-90 days depending on the subscription process. That said, you are still earning a healthy commission while providing essential financial services to people who need help.
you choose to build and develop a team, you can earn up to 63% of the
cancellations in sales made by the representatives of his team.
Does it sound good? Indeed, it is … you can win hundreds (even thousands) of dollars when someone on your team completes a sale. The
“inconvenience” (for want of a better term because it can not be a
disadvantage at all depending on how you look) is that you need to
recruit about 10 people for 3 or 4 licenses, and about 1
Of them active and production. Of course, if you find a way to recruit licensed representatives who
join with a license and you could possibly beat those numbers.
addition to personal and cancellation fees, renewal will also get
income exceeding the generations if you create other leaders and could
also qualify to earn money throughout the company through liaison groups
Could participate. The
money you could make if you build your business in a certain way and
you are OK with how life insurance companies pay commissions.

Freedom Equity Group Review – Should You Join?

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