Automatic Sliding Aluminum Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are stackable doors of many panels that move completely to one side stacked neatly together. Its first form can be seen in traditional Japanese architecture. They are now a feature of most public spaces such as shopping centers, hospitals, and so on. They are manufactured with a sophisticated rail and frame system with an upper sliding mechanism. They offer a strong look for any functionality and help maximize the light in the room and reach the full potential of opinion. They are a possible alternative to folding doors with an image width of up to 120 cm.
What are the advantages of aluminum sliding doors
· Disabled – These automatic doors open and close on themselves.
· Security features: They have updated security features and wireless remote control. Timers allow security personnel to close doors without having to be present near them.
· Give a Footfall account – the number of times the door is open can be obtained. This information is useful in shopping malls or stores.
· Style and variety. These doors are available in aluminum, which can be painted to represent the company logo, etc. in an office. The latest frameless glass doors are very popular among offices, which allow an unobstructed view of the procedures on.
· Allow the retention of heat or cold as open as when someone approaches the door
What are the parts of an automatic aluminum sliding door
An automatic sliding door generally comprises the following elements
· Headline
· monitoring
· Carriers Wheels
· Sliding door panel (s)
· Solenoid panel (s)
· Jambas
· Lockout and activation / security settings
The door panels are made of extruded aluminum and safety glass profiles for visibility.
Applications aluminum sliding doors
· Increased traffic through the doors, plus the moving panel.
Good for offices, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, art galleries, etc.
· Requests for smoke and fire doors
· Energy conservation
· Control of security, directional control applications or access control cards
Test Procedures – Doors open and close automatically for forty-eight hours.
How are they assembled?
· When sent, installation instructions are included.
· Instructions must be read completely
· It takes two or more people to install
· Be careful when handling glass
· Use power tools carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions
What is the seal?
The seal is sliding sealing meteorological panel panels by an insulating tape. This must be replaced when worn out.
What Are Things to Consider In Automatic Sliding Doors
· Installation is not easy – tracks must be perfectly aligned, and more requires a person to install a sliding door.
· The track attracts dirt because it is a series of grooves where dirt accumulates very quickly
· Doors are sometimes stuck due to rust and dirt from metal parts. They must be changed in this case. Regular oil also helps.
· In the event of a power failure, jam and open.

Automatic Sliding Aluminum Doors

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