Battling Summer Insects And Bugs

Do you think the hot months? I think we all do, especially during the cold and cold months, when we are almost forced to stay inside and outside the cold. Well, at that time the annoying parasites are also in full force!
I’m talking about these parasites are spiders, wasps, ants, flies, mosquitoes and other insects that just love hot weather. Yes,
I realize that everything in this world has a purpose they need to
serve but I prefer not to live in my home and find another place to
raise her family out of my yard.
So what are we going to do? I have a tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of the insects around my house. All to find a professional that is quite expensive for the application of home remedies. Most options have been sufficient for a short time, but mistakes tend to find the best way! However, I have found ways to keep insects under control and in the bay, although it is almost a constant battle. Here are a few things that have worked well in and around my home.
Wow, these insects are small but persistent and there are tons of them. Where you see one, there are hundreds behind him. Ugh! Outside, I had a courtyard full of ant hills, some big and some small. I
bought granules from my local store and scattered around the yard, but
that caused the ants to move to another hill and elsewhere in my
In my house, they appear out of nowhere and reside in my kitchen counters. I’m talking about clean, no food on the counters! What do they want ??? This
year I did some online research on how to get rid of ants and pellets
of ants found saying not only kill the ants but also prevent the queen
lay more.
Well, I had it for over a month and spread into my yard for fire ants (not directly on the ant hills) and guess what? No hills more than ants outside. Score
As I have tiny ants spread out in a thin line of granules along with
some catches (not too much, like pets inside) and then put in a bottle
stopper on my counter.
He worked! I am free ant inside and outside about two weeks, and I am a happy woman! If you are interested in getting rid of your ants, check out Do My Own Pest Control. They have tons of pest control products, although I have not tried this.
Spiders and Mice
I grouped these two plagues just because I used the same method for both. I live in a very rural area so the mice are everywhere and I mean everywhere! Although I like cats, so I keep around a very specific goal … mouse! I have two who do a remarkable job in keeping the mouse population
under control, but that’s not enough, apparently replicating so fast
that my poor cats do not seem to keep up with them.
I can not even tell you how much I hate spiders. I’m not talking about small spiders or “Daddy Long Legs” but the big, ugly spiders creep me! Yuk! I do not know about the rest of the country, but in Texas we have some big spiders inside and out, they seem to go nowhere. They
mentioned that banana spiders, hobo spiders and wolf spiders, all
nonpoisonous and I’m sure they are eating tons of mistakes, but honestly
I can not deal with them without thinking about the film Arachnaphobia.
spiders tend to stay out, building their massive networks all over, but
the spiders-wolves and Hobos are getting into more and more.
My youngest son refers to them as “tarantulas.”

Battling Summer Insects And Bugs

Battling, Battling Summer Insects And Bugs, Bugs, Insects, Summer

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