Charter To NYC’s Biggest Event

Thanksgiving Parade has been a staple every year since 1924. Although
it started out as a way to get people excited about the store and the
first show was at Christmas instead of Thanksgiving,
Have worked as today more than 3.5 million attend every year and 50 million watches in the comfort of their living room.
Over the years, some things have changed on the parade; The course, the participants and of course the balls. In 1927, Felix the cat became the first balloon ever to be part of the fun. The following year, they decided to fill it with helium, but had no way to deflate, they let it go. Open. In the following years allow balloons go well, having yet no way to deflate. They went to all and if you found one that could take him to Macy for a price, but not that many people.
The parade has always been very busy. The first were 250,000 people along the six-mile course that led to employees at the Herald Square store in Harlem. It was something that Americans expect every year, and of course over the years it grew. There
were only a few years when there was no Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and
that was during the Second World War was fighting and the rubber used to
make balloons was given rise to the war effort
. In 1945, however, there were two million people lining the road,
recognizing that the war was over and things could return to normal.
Today, about eight thousand people walk the road and four thousand
people volunteer to get the route, floats and organized balloons are
If you’ve ever been to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day festivities, why not go, but do it in style by hiring a jet? You will not have to fight the crowd at a commercial airport or suffer long lines at security checkpoints. You will have many legs, head and shoulders and the best of everything you can choose when and at what time to fly. Your schedule, not theirs!
you choose to rent you can land near the action airport and get where
they are a heck of a lot faster than you can fly commercial, and maybe
even the chance to see the balloons inflated,
Passes the night before the great day.

Charter To NYC’s Biggest Event

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