Where to Turn If You’re Considering Marriage Counselling

However, therapy is a deeply personal business – whether you opt to go
alone or with your partner – so you want to make sure you find someone
you can trust.
therapy depends entirely on the bidirectional relationship between the
patient (s) and the therapist, so if you are not comfortable with your
current counselor, it may be time to move on to another person,
There are reasons specified for uncertainty.
Your therapist will not be offended by this. Sometimes personalities do not come together. They have a lot of experience and understanding of this, and can probably refer you to someone else. Often, counseling can be costly and time-consuming, so you do not want to waste time consulting a wrong therapist.
If you are new to therapy, there are a number of online resources that you can use to help you find a professional. Why not start a Google search for registered therapists in your area? There should be a series of sites to choose from – including mental
health organizations, private therapy centers and independent therapists
with their own personal website.
Spend some time evaluating options with your partner, or by yourself if it feels more comfortable. If
you have not suggested therapy, it may be easier to approach your
partner once put to the counselor you want to see, this way you will see
that you are making efforts to solve the problems they
As with any medical field, it is important to find someone who is licensed to practice. You
can go to the website of BACP (British Association for Counseling and
Psychotherapy) to find licensed therapists with a range of specialties
in the field.
You will need to find someone with marriage experience and counseling
relationship to ensure they are qualified to help in this area.
not pay too much attention to the details of “approaches” counselors
could use, such as people-oriented counseling, psychotherapy or
cognitive-behavioral therapy, as all good therapists will be trained to
use a combination of these techniques
And they follow their example.
of the time, do not feel like having a conversation with someone kind
and unbiased about their problems – something that everyone could enjoy!
Therefore, it is important not to be intimidated by terminology.
the past, many therapists were rigid in their Freudian approach to
“speech therapy”, where the counselor offered little or no input, and
instead act as a “white canvas” in which the patient
Could project their emotions.
therapeutic services have evolved since then, and counselors now use a
range of techniques to work with your patient (s) to achieve the desired
This will consist of a lot of sharing and talking, of course, but can
also have practical items for you and your partner to try, whether at
meetings or at home.
you are looking for wedding advice but do not know where to start,
start by finding a therapist who likes the look and ask for a free
In person, you will get a much better sense for them and their unique approach to your situation.
may feel uncomfortable admitting that you need therapy, but these days
is more common than you think – most couples who are married for a long
time have been to advice at some point
Or another. So do not hesitate to ask for the help you need.

Where to Turn If You’re Considering Marriage Counselling

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