Tips To Choose The Perfect Wooden Flooring For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most trafficked area of ​​a house; Spill, trampling and running, your kitchen takes all. But with regular maintenance and using the right wood and the finish can be a durable wood floor in your kitchen.
Here are some things you might consider before getting your wood floor in the kitchen.
The best type of wood for cooking
When the floor of her kitchen, it is always advisable for the hardest wood. Oak and ash are some of the largest native species of wood used in the manufacture of wood flooring. The
biggest advantage of using these species is that its beautiful and
heavy graining and delicate texture not only makes your beautiful
kitchen floor, but also helps camouflage small scratches and dents that
will occur over time
are other strongest wood species on the market as Jatoba, Santos
Mahogany, but the main drawback of using them is that they tend to
change color and darken over time.
They are also very sensitive to changes in humidity.
The best wood finishes for the kitchen
The wooden floors in the kitchen should have a protective coating to prevent moisture absorption and staining. While
most wood flooring available today are suitable for kitchens, with a
clear water-based finish is often recommended because they retain the
color of the wood and can be easily coated.
best finish is acrylic impregnated impregnated finishing plant-based
water diffuses through the woods rather than staying on the surface.
Although the floors acrylic coatings are more expensive, they are stronger and require less maintenance. Also the use of satin helps mask dirt shine.
Varnish finishes
polyurethane lacquer finishes are very durable and sustainable. They are more than enough for all interior of the house. But if there is too much damage, the parts of the floor or in some cases, the entire section must be replaced. The parts near the sink, stove and refrigerator are more vulnerable to damage from drops and spills. You can use rugs to ensure these parts.
Oil Finishes
finishes UV drying is not as durable as paint, but the advantage of an
oil finish is damaged zones can be set or reset quickly.
spot repairs can be carried out using sandpaper. An oil wood floor finish is a good choice for a kitchen where spills are cleaned up immediately.
Kitchen Cabinets with parquet
The kitchen looks attractive when the floor and cabinets have a contrasting appearance. For example, if you choose a dark basement, you may want cabinets painted in a light wood or light-colored.
Maintenance of hardwood floors in the kitchen
• As mentioned kitchen floors will suffer water spills and stains so
it is necessary that these hardwood floors are given a pair of mastic
coatings to prevent moisture penetration.
• If something is spilled, make sure to immediately clean and never let the water remains on the surface of the wood for long.
• Make sure not to rub or use chemicals to clean. Use particularly recommended for hardwood floors to restore the original luster of your floor products.
• It will also be essential to sweep or vacuum floors frequently to
keep them free of sand and dirt that can scratch the wear of wood and
• If the soil is damaged, you can get them to touch. This process is to sand the surface and reapply the protective layers.
Benefits of wood flooring in the kitchen:
• Wood is a warm material that provides vital energy to your kitchen. And if you use wooden floors in all other areas, then use it for cooking ensures consistency in its decoration. This is especially visible in homes with an open kitchen where the food seems to be an extension of the living room.
• The wooden floor is long and tends to age.
• Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and are the healthiest floors create a clean environment.
• The kitchen is an area where one or more people spend a lot of time standing during cooking. And that is why floor comfort is essential. Wood floors offer a smoother, more comfortable surface to stand. Studies have shown that wood floors are good for the spine and joints of your body!
Disadvantages of wood floors:
• Hardwood floors need polishing regularly every 3-4 years to maintain their finish in high traffic areas like the kitchen. And the polishing cost is high.
• Hardwood floors will be damaged in case of overflow or drainage of water that is very common in kitchens. Leaks will be a regular concern when you decide to install the wood in your kitchen. The only way to take care of this threat is to ensure that all
equipment is well maintained, and all pipes are resistant and free of
• The wood flooring is prone to scratches and heavy kitchen traffic nails pets.
• Another important drawback is that the renewal process is a messy process. It requires taking almost all of the kitchen, then use the huge noisy equipment, which sends sawdust flying through the air.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Wooden Flooring For Your Kitchen

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