5 Features to Expect From a Gun Safe

Storing weapons responsibly and safely is essential. But
with such a wide selection of safes firearms on the market, it can be
difficult to determine which model is suitable for your specific needs.
Here are some features that are considering value to the owner safely for the first time:
Mark or electronic lock
line locking mechanism is easy to use by entering the appropriate
numbers, and requires little maintenance and increases with time.
However, the time to open the lock dial is looking forward to the electronic model. In addition, most of these locks are not automatically lock when you close the door of the box.
The electronic lock consists of fingerprint (biometric) or key lock is the fastest and also open two locks automatically. However, this mechanism has a higher risk of failure and requires periodic replacement of batteries.
Steel Force
Even if a safe is heavy and large, there is no guarantee that it will protect the content against theft. At
least a firearm safely must be 10 gauge steel to provide the desired
level of protection and resist most attempts to pierce or cut.
It is essential to avoid the steel boxes of bright light (12 to 14
gauge) on the sides because in many cases this can be penetrated with an
The large lockers guns have the potential to weigh thousands of pounds. To
minimize the risk of a thief attempting to remove the safe movement of
Dolly, the preferred mass to a vacuum unit is in the region of 750
For additional security, most of the best safety boxes are designed to be bolted to the wall surface or floor.
Protection against fires
One feature that is worth the extra trouble of gun safe is the ability to withstand fire for a certain period of time. A
house fire has the potential to reach 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in less
than 10 minutes, which can easily cause melting of the safety standard.
Most safes that come with fire include an additional layer of ceramic
panels and plaster, which help keep the inside below a certain
temperature for 4-6 hours.
Additional armor
strong first category chests include additional armor, like jogging
informer in an attempt to break the safe and make it much more difficult
to access the secure content.
addition, a similar type of protection functions is the steel plate is
located behind the locking mechanism to protect against any attempt to
break the lock.


5 Features to Expect From a Gun Safe

5 Features to Expect From a Gun Safe, Expect, Features, Gun, Safe

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