Home Renovations That Are Illegal to Do on Your Own

No matter how convenient or you are, there are some home renovations that are against the law for you. There
are many reasons why these projects are illegal “do it yourself” but
mainly because they involve procedures and codes that require licenses,
training and specialized equipment complicated.
Examples include replacing water heaters, plumbing, removal of lead paint, the building structure, and more. In
addition to being prohibited by law, the realization of these projects
on their own can also void warranties, endanger the insurance claims,
lower property values ​​and hinder resale.
Read on to see some renovation DIY illegal projects, so that you can better yourself, your home, and protect while her problems.
NOT do at home
There are many projects to improve the home that are not allowed to do on their own, and for good reason. These
include electrical work, installation, light installation, fuel
conversion, removal of large trees, removing rust, removing animals, air
conditioning repair, removal of asbestos, and
Moreover. For example, if you want to replace your electric heater with a gas stove, which is needed to convert the fuel from the house. This
involves the installation of gas lines, electrical work, and much more,
not to mention the strict security codes to prevent chemical
For this reason, it is a job for a team of certified professionals with formal training and experience. Here are some additional home improvement projects from a trained professional is required:
The removal of lead paint – homes and buildings built before 1980 are likely to be old painted with lead based paint. To remove lead-based paint safely, you must have the knowledge, training, tools, and of course the licenses. This is because lead is mortal, and requires specialized methods of extraction to ensure safety.
Water heater replacement – water heaters can be dangerous equipment if not handled properly. If you need to replace or install a water heater, you need to have it done by a licensed professional. strict obedience of the Code, sensitive electrical works and management of the fuel line is necessary.
Replacement spring garage door – This may seem like an easy task, but one wrong move can be seriously harmful or even fatal. Finally,
lose tension garage door springs and require replacement, and part of
the process of removing the old and installing the new release and
return is tension.
One hand sheet can cause the spring to fly in your body, causing serious injury.
The removal of the wall – If you dream with open floor concept, not only grab your hammer and start the demolition. Some walls are strictly structural, so take down can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, the necessary building permits officials. You need to hire a general contractor is that you want to remodel or convert a space.
Septic Pumping System – Although regarded as an undesirable task, many owners do themselves to save a dollar or two. But this is not a good idea. Not
only septic pumping requires specialized equipment to be safe and
effective, which requires city officials allowed for the removal of
unauthorized waste.


Home Renovations That Are Illegal to Do on Your Own

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