The Future of Retail Stores in India: Dead or Alive?

With the increasing penetration of e-commerce in India, a speech at
the national level has been prevalent in recent years, which is: what is
the future of retail stores in India?
the past two years, India has seen a boom in Internet technology driven
and also had new ways to do business with the help of these
At that time, we also realized many new market conditions online, e-commerce-as portals, online shopping, etc. With
number of online markets, online stores and the growth of e-commerce
trade growing, this discussion is naturally bound to occur because these
platforms are perceived to pose serious threats for retailers
bricks and mortar.
But is that really the case? They are the physical retailers to death in India? Is it really that much of a serious matter for concern?
Based on the knowledge revealed by organizations such as KPMG and more
frequent after reviewing business trends and behaviors of buyers in
India, we say No
The future of retail stores is still safe here, but only for the
timely adoption and dimming technology, which gives a great experience
in the store buyers.
further, this is the fact that, worldwide, the slope of the buyer to
purchase online and mobile is largely due to these platforms offer great
convenience, speed and ease
use, while obsolete brick mortar and does not give the same. This applies to India. In
addition, the Indian industry has also seen major disruptions of
electronic commerce because all technological interventions and heavy
discounts on purchases over the Internet or mobile.
These brick and mortar factors severely affected and a threat to offline businesses.
to solve the problem of inappropriate huge discounts online retailer
Association of India (RAI) has approached the government of India many
times, and as a result of the policy to regulate trade in the
e-commerce is now led. However,
this is not the only tool to support offline retailers established in
such a lessening of competition in the throat, they really need to be at
war footing to meet these challenges, and that is only possible in
taking the technology.
Now we must also analyze other factors such advantage or disadvantage for retail online and offline. If
the online platform has an advantage in the form of “ease of purchase”
brick and mortar has an even more special more- face having to face
interaction with customers and partners, which is rare for
other channels. But
even being in this advantageous position, a brick and mortar has to
suffer due to a lack in terms of convenience for the consumer.
Last Old detail involves growing only an attractive, well-run store fixtures and accessories. In
the new retail era, it is very essential for a retailer to take care of
the convenience of customers and provide the best shopping experience.
Moreover, it is not only the physical stores are facing problems, but online players also suffer from several implications. In
this country of 1.25 million people, only 330 million people have
Internet access, most of the population are still deprived of basic
services, and people are more connected to local physical stores for
your household needs.
So, looking at all these aspects, although the number of online stores
is growing, but after a certain point, the online platform has
limitations, but no physical stores.
India is one of the largest markets in the world; here
the consumption of goods and services is growing, per capita income is
gradually increasing, and urbanization occurs rapidly, therefore, has a
great opportunity for a retail success.
in order to make the sale more comfortable detail, numerous studies
have been conducted in recent years, the data show that Indian consumers
are increasingly aware of the ease and comfort while shopping.
Therefore, it is a great time for retailers to adopt the state of the art technology. They
can also enable integration between retail online and offline using
technology to provide a seamless experience for customers and stores.
If a customer really feel ease to click on a brick and mortar, this
experience gives a kind of satisfaction and finally also gets converted.
addition, the importance of physical stores is so widespread that many
successful online retailers have realized its importance and are
increasingly online, thus playing a consumer base that was still
untapped by them.
India, there are many of these players who earn on all channels, which
are constantly updating their operation and expansion of your work day,
for example Lenskart, Zivame, Pepperfry, Raymond, etc are the big new
detail of age. Therefore, the concept of retail Omni-channel, which is successful in many countries, it is also possible in India.
In short, the future of retail is not condemned in India, but it is even brighter, with constant innovation and up gradation.
meet the challanges of the new age retail in a store, each person is
working, if the designers, manufacturers, and even civil engineers
retail company has rich experience of over a decade and has a state of
the art installation, which can give a new full end of the age to end
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The Future of Retail Stores in India: Dead or Alive?

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