You May Encounter More Than Plays at These Haunted Theatres

In these rooms, the creeps are not always because of what is happening in parts.
Anger below
Huguang Guild Hall is a massive opera house in Beijing, China. It was built in 1807 and has seen its fair share of history. However,
it is said that something sinister to hide under the foundation says
that the theater was built on an abandoned cemetery.
People living nearby and visitors reported hearing cries of anger disembodied theater scene, only to find it empty.
A guest in gray
The location of the Drury Lane Theatre in London, England was home
theaters since the 1660s has been raised a number of appearances since.
The Theatre Royal in London, England, was home to a number of appearances throughout history. Perhaps the ghost the most famous and widely seen is the man in gray. Dressed
as a noble end clothing of the 18th century, it is said that the man
who appears only for the production to be a success.
It is said that the spectral remains of a stabbed body and hide in a
room walled up during the renovation of the 19th century, which is
considered a good luck charm for the cast and crew.
A last chorus
James Theatre in Wellington, New Zealand, was built in 1911, and after
falling into disrepair and being saved from demolition, yet offers
games, concerts and other events.
It is also rumored to house a series of ghosts. The, the scariest final test of the children’s choir sometimes heard by the workers alone at night the room. During
World War II, it is said that a choir of children who had their last
performance in New Zealand St. James before sailing to international
The ship disappeared on the road and the choir probably perished. Workers are able to locate the sound source and the report seems to move like looking across the room.
Even in Clock
first building of the formal theater in the United States, the Dock
Street Theatre opened February 12, 1736. After a fire destroyed the
original building, a hotel was built in its place in 1809. The hotel
later became
again in the theater which still hosts plays and performances at present. However, two former residents check. The first, Netty, is rumored to have been a working girl working in the hotel when he fell on hard times. She was seen walking down the hall on the second floor behind the stage, where the rooms are now.
A silent audience watching
Now, The Palace Theatre, the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles was built in 1911 as a theater stylish varieties. The Marx Brothers Houdini and Sarah Bernhart all there. It could accommodate about 2,000 people on three levels of seats – all
located less than 80 feet from the stage so that the public can clearly
hear what the artists were saying.
Today, the second balcony is closed, but not all. People who were on scene saw silhouettes standing there, pacing, or coming in and out of the door. When they tried to investigate, they find the only entrance to the second terrace closed and locked.
The next time you visit your local theater to see a play or other performance, closely examine the dark corners of the room. You never know who or what might look back.

You May Encounter More Than Plays at These Haunted Theatres

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