Step-By-Step Guide to Tiling a Splashback

One of the most frequently asked in tile shops questions is: “How to install tiles in a backsplash area?” All tile experts asked this question, and not just the part of the plant that interests people, but the whole process.
Regarding installation of tiles in the reception area, there are some key things to consider. The first is that appropriate measures should be taken in whole tiles. You can do this using a tile and marking the wall space to determine how much you will need. You must then decide whether to install a row of tiles and a half, on the basis of reflux curve. Then follow these installation instructions:
the width of the pelvis – Before placing the tiles, should be the basin
width and determining a central landmark on the wall.
As already mentioned, the measurement must be performed in all tiles. One thing all experts warn tile store is that the Gaza border passes, because it is a DIY mistake beginners often make.
Lay a row of tiles – which puts a row of tiles must be done with the spacers and beating both ends. Then use a piece of wood lath the length of the line and mark all tiles and reach the position in it. This will serve the purpose of a bar gauge. It can also be used as a bottom rail for the tile in the half on the bottom row.
the bar in the vertical center line – after determining that line, draw
a line from the focal point of Dicky to the upper limit, it is
necessary to set the bar.
masonry nails work well for this purpose. See that is properly leveled with a spirit level.
adhesive application – adhesive application is best achieved using a notched trowel. Ensure that applies uniformly throughout the reflux area.
Start at the center of the row – an expert in the shop of the tile will tell you it is best to start by the middle of the row. Then work your way on each side, the application of tile spacers as you go. Once you are done with that first line starts, following the same procedure. It is a good idea to clean the sticky ends on the tile surface you’re going before it has dried.
Apply the glazing adjustment – the application of a pectoral setting glazing corresponding style gives a finished appearance. Make sure the seals of the packing correspond to the length of the tile to be perfectly aligned.
the bar and deploy half row of tiles – Now that you have finished the
pectoralis, mostly, it’s time to face the last row.
Cut the appropriate size, but remember that it must be applied between the tile and pour a layer of silicone sealant. Once the glue is dry, the reseal background gap.

Step-By-Step Guide to Tiling a Splashback

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