Why GM Mosquitoes Are a Bad Idea

Mosquito A mosquito GM or GM is one with modified DNA.
These are not the same as cross or selective breeding. Selective breeding could try to develop the ultra bright juicy watermelon or husky with blue eyes. An example is a cross Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and a nonallergic family poodle coat. These are fine – traits found in nature given a little encouragement.
GM is abnormal and out of science fiction. A genetically modified organism could not exist in nature, but is created by modifying the DNA in a scientific laboratory. In the case of transgenic mosquitoes, the chromosomes have been changed so that men can not reach adulthood. (Warning … unless they receive the antibiotic tetracycline, but more
on that later.) So a GM mosquito is self-limiting and can not be
can not be reproduced so that the mosquito dies. Oh, happy day, right? FALSE! There is absolutely no way that all results can eventually be
anticipated when unknown Frankensteins is released into the environment.
First, mosquitoes are a link in the food chain. Of course, if the mosquitoes were gone, few would be sad, however, there would be an imbalance. It’s not good.
Remember that the antibiotic tetracycline that denies chromosomes self-limiting? Realize
that the water supply of the United States is quite polluted – with
different levels of antibiotics – if those monsters were able to receive
an adequate level of antibiotics to mutate beyond this self-limitation
and become very effective
in reproduction? So we produce mosquitoes that are stronger, more effective in the performance of the disease, and more difficult to control?
What about fish that eat the larvae? They ingest the DNA self-limited and now have problems playing? And what about earlier in the food chain – bears and humans who eat the fish? Do modified DNA integrated into the food chain?
And if you’re bitten by a human DNA carrying mosquito? Are now infected with self-limiting genes?
The company willing to make obscene profits of these creatures Franken
offer much evidence that any of these potential problems could exist
and highlight the fact that the FDA says is safe.
do not drink the Kool-Aid security guarantees from the government – the
FDA also encouraged the use of thalidomide (tens of thousands dead and
deformed babies).
And keep in mind that DDT was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1948. So yes, these transgenic mosquitoes are well … no!
No need science fiction creatures which nature provides all the protection we need. The first step is to remove all the diligence hatcheries (water) standing on your property. Beyond your own backyard, you can use a pest control product quality food that has cedar as active ingredient. Cedar is the ultimate control pest kind gift, as it is deadly to pests but harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
Transgenic mosquitoes are not the solution, they are a mix of potential problems.
Hodges has aphid providing effective pest control products, safe and
environmentally friendly using cedar oil as an active ingredient.
You can now safely remove pests without toxic chemicals!
control products all pests that do not want such as mosquitoes, ants,
bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, mites,
whiteflies, etc., but cause no harm
the beneficial creatures such as butterflies, ladybugs and bees.
Now they offer aphid system to integrate with an irrigation system to create safe zones where the water is directed.


Why GM Mosquitoes Are a Bad Idea

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