The Automatic Pool Covers Checklist: 5 Essential Tips for Consumers

Those who own residential pools to seriously consider purchasing automatic pool covers. These devices maintain the free water leaves, branches and debris when the pool is not in use. Prevent evaporation and help retain heat water, save money on heating costs. They are also an effective security measure because it can help to keep small children and pets out of the water. all systems are not equal, however. Take the mystery out of the buying process by following these basic guidelines.
1. Choose a system: Electric vs Hydraulic
both electrical and hydraulic automatic lids are driven by electric
motors, the hydraulic version consists of a little more complex parts.
Hydraulic versions are made with more durable pipes, making it more expensive than its electric counterpart. For consumers who adhere to a budget, the electric model may be the best solution.
If the consumer is willing and able to spend additional money, the hydraulic system can be worth the investment. This type tends to run smoother, especially with large pools. These
offer all the units of liquid without the need for a clutch, and should
not be lubricated periodically, so that little maintenance.
Another advantage of having the hydraulic model is not having to worry about a power source. Automatic pool covers electric demand access to an electrical outlet to avoid the inconvenience of additional wiring.
2. Consider an integrated pump cover
A water pump will help drain the free water from the top of the lid. If you choose a model with this handy feature, the pump will automatically drain accumulated water. This eliminates the need for an external pump and manual labor. Most integrated pumps use a sensor that detects standing water, activate the pump accordingly. When the lid is removed, the pump discreetly slipping below.
3. Consider a wireless connection
considering the latest technologies and innovations, the smart consumer
could opt for a system that includes a touch screen with Wi-Fi. This
addition of high technology is connected to your WiFi network.
Using this option allows people to receive notifications via their smartphones, using an existing wireless connection. When the owner is away from home, this function can let the person
know if you open or close the cover and inform the individual of
unauthorized use.
4. Choose a cover or bank to be discreet
Some pool owners prefer to hide their automatic blankets so they do not become a focal point of the region. For this reason, embedded options and deck mounted are generally available. integrated mechanisms are locked below deck. Recessed covers and those with the bezel setting are popular choices for the flushing mechanism style. The option mounted on the platform allows the mechanism to rest on the bridge surface and attached to a custom library.
5. customize the color
Finally, consider a color option to match the existing decor. Black, gray, beige, blue and green are popular choices.

The Automatic Pool Covers Checklist: 5 Essential Tips for Consumers

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