Window Facts You Must Be Aware Of

Did you know that the first glass objects were known grain? It was believed that they were created by accident and stayed to be a luxury material for the coming centuries. However, it was actually the Romans first made of transparent glass, because it allowed them to admire the color of your wine.
You’ve probably heard many people say that glass is a liquid that has cooled for the moment it does not crystallize. Thus, experts say that this is not a myth. Note that the glass is solid.
Other facts you should know Window
Did you know that first welcomed the windows know? It was the Romans. Before double glazing was presented as mere holes in the wall, the windows those that already existed. But it is good to keep the cold out. Therefore, people began covering them with blinds. The only problem is that if you are cold in the cold days of winter and shuttered, still in the dark. Surprisingly, among the most creative solutions, they were used before
paper, thinly sliced ​​marble and flattened pieces of translucent
animal horns.
Shortly thereafter, the blown glass and colorless glass became dominant was introduced. large scale manufacturing resulted in the glass of the launch so it has become easily accessible to builders and owners. The use of glass became more popular when it was more affordable and began appearing in windows on a universal level.
Already in the 1870s, the use of double-glazed windows in the houses there. There were several pieces of evidence to prove such. But it was not until the 1930s that the modern version with 2 layers of glass glued together in a single frame was invented. This concept was very expensive to produce. In fact, it was not until ten years later, he became a manufacturer willing to take on the idea. But because of the nature meanwhile, double glazing did not enter the market until a decade later.
Did you know that there are currently self-cleaning glass? With this, you can finally forget the laborious and expensive act to manually clean your windows. Self-cleaning glass has a transparent coating decomposes dirt and spreading water evenly across the surface of the window. This special coating is said to be a lover of water and react with UV rays. In other words, it is reacted with the sun in order to break the dirt forming on the outside. Dirt washed decomposed naturally when it rains. Rain brands no doubt undesirable from forming. But if it does not rain, you can sprinkle.

Window Facts You Must Be Aware Of

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