10 Fantastic Reasons Why Children Can Benefit From Cooking

1. Confidence
When children successfully cook a dish, they get great satisfaction and build self confidence. They will develop a healthy self-confidence system so that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.
2. Learn math skills

    Measurement – Understanding the concept of measurement, such as volume, quantity, shape, weight, time and estimates.
Volume – liters or milliliters of water, milk, oil, or a cup of milk, water.
Weight – Kilograms / grams of butter, flour or a cup or ½ cup flour
Forms – different ingredients for dishes to be cut / prepared differently required.
Estimates – learn what it means when the recipe says pinch of
salt, time estimates for the various cuts … estimate the amount of
time to prepare the ingredients.
They also learn on the kitchen calendar; for example, they must learn how to set the timer to make sure foods are cooked on time and how to set the oven.
Time Management – children must learn how to divide the preparation time and cooking – before the joy of eating.
3. Learn to differentiate food through the 5 senses – taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch

    Touch: you learn to feel the texture of the food, for example feel
the different texture of the meat, flour, different types of
vegetables, different texture of cakes, namely, too soft, too wet, dry,
Oler – Learn about food by smell, such as spices and herbs.
Sight – Learn to differentiate and identify foods through color,
for example, identification of red and green peppers, ripe and unripe
papaya differentiate, see if a cake has risen or not …
Taste – This is the best part of it. Children can learn different tastes, namely, hot, spicy, sweet or sour.
Audition – Listen mixer working, reduce raw materials hit with the
cake and mortar (different ingredients have a different sound) … the
sound of frying, deep frying, the sound of pots and pans …
4. Family Connections
Children can develop a close relationship with family members kitchen. Parents can talk about food at dinner. If the food was prepared by his son, who will be a real focal point of the conversation. Talking about his inspiration for the food, which has experience in handling ingredients, they did enjoy the experience, etc.
If parents are cooked with the child, this is a fantastic opportunity
to open the conversation, that is, read the recipe together, talk about
the steps on how to do it, the ingredients for the first etc.
This is the best part of all … Parents can take their children
shopping for, and this will establish the connection between parent and
child through shopping together for the same items.
5. Learn to read and follow the instructions
This is very important. Children must learn to follow instructions. I
saw the very creative amateur cooks in the Master Chef program, which
tend to turn to follow the recipe and instructions, and tend to get lost
halfway through the process.
Following the instructions and stay focused is very important to discipline and child development.
6. Language
learn descriptive words on how to describe the food, for example
crunchy, spicy, salty, crumbly, moist, soft, fluffy and more.
Children can openly describe what they feel, which contributes to the understanding of this world.
7. Creativity
Cooking is a creative exercise. Examples
of master chef, participants received the same ingredients, but
everyone produces different dishes … Through the kitchen, children
will be encouraged to develop their creativity and what inspires them.
Creativity extends to the presentation of the food.
8. Motor skills
Children can learn how to use utensils, pots and pans, knives and other equipment in the kitchen. They also learn about cleaning up after themselves!
9. Know the name and origin of food.
We can learn about the names of the dishes … and then explore the countries where income and spices come. The interest can then develop even have a garden of herbs and vegetables at home.
10. The love of cooking
We heard that the food comes from the heart, and above all, we cook for people we love. So when his son served a plate, you know it comes from the heart with love! ‘Priceless !!
Enjoy and have fun with your children while sharing the love of cooking with them.

10 Fantastic Reasons Why Children Can Benefit From Cooking

10 Fantastic Reasons Why Children Can Benefit From Cooking, Benefit, Children, Cooking, Fantastic, Reasons

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