Infrastructure Spending and America’s Ailing Power Grid

4:10 p.m. EDT Thursday, August 14, 2003, the lights went out in New York.
This buzz, we now take for granted in modern life, refrigerators, air
conditioners, fans, computers, printers and office equipment had
suddenly disappeared.
The almost constant cacophony of traffic stopped.
I was on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, when he arrived … the great blackout of 2003.
This was before smart phones, so nobody knew what was happening. In
18 hours, we learned by listening to the radios operate on batteries
that produced the largest blackout in US history .. It is estimated that
some 55 million people in seven US states and the Province of Ontario
in Canada they were affected.
No power meant no subway service. 7 miles returned to my apartment in Brooklyn.
People slept outside on the sidewalk because they could not climb the stairs to their apartments that were 30 or 40 floors.
I wondered what would happen to Brooklyn that night. In the blackout of 1977, there were riots and looting across Brooklyn,
with burned whole blocks, not far from where my apartment.
This time, people away from candles to help people to see. Neighbors gave food to people with children and helped the elderly in their homes. City New York Police Department reported less crime that day than the same day last year with power. It was a brilliant moment of my time in New York.
However, the 2003 blackout showed how poorly maintained and updated was our energy infrastructure. Research by the Congress showed that there was no common standards for the maintenance and servicing. And the conditions for an event of this scale blackout had been building for some time.
This year, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are committed to spending large amounts of money in infrastructure. Clinton promised to spend $ 275 billion, and Trump wants to spend $ 1 trillion.
Last week I said that some of these costs is likely that the
development of self-driving vehicles through our road infrastructure to
better prepare for this interesting technology advantage.
Our electric infrastructure / power is another sector that believe infrastructure spending is likely to come. This expenditure is a good thing because most technology trend over
the next 20 years – Internet of things – depends on reliable power.
Preparing Power Shift
of our current energy infrastructure and power has its roots in the
Electricity Act 1926 and the Act on rural electrification in 1936. At
that time we were changing to a
industrial economy without government spending on electrifying the
country, there was no way that you can set up a factory in most cities
and small and medium cities.
we are at a similar moment it is absolutely essential for us to refocus
our electrical infrastructure to power Internet objects.
This new technology will have machines that are watched by people who are hundreds or even thousands of miles.
A similar breakdown in 2003 which would be disastrous in an economy of the Internet of Things. Blackouts mean big losses for most companies that rely on computers
and the Internet for everything from billing to inventory send money.
think in the next three to five years, almost everything we do will be
the use of Internet technology objects – sensors, data collection,
analysis of large amounts of data – to operate the factories that make
cakes to cars.
Now the power companies have begun to prepare for the Internet of objects economy. Many
people put sensors on the lines at critical junctions of energy to have
real-time data on the status of this infrastructure.
Companies spend money to collect data on usage patterns to reduce costs.
Encourage these efforts so that we know exactly how much energy is
used where and what time will help us to more effectively use the
electricity and safely … and it will cost less.
example, Enlighted, an energy technology company of Silicon Valley,
said the company’s customers save up to 60% to 70% in lighting and 20%
or 30% in heating and
Airconditioning such infrastructure spending.
These are large economies, and is one reason why I think that the companies involved in infrastructure spending will do well.
Infrastructure spending Boom Play
infrastructure spending and the Internet of Things is an incredible opportunity to make money today. You should try to get a piece of it, no matter who gets elected this year.

Infrastructure Spending and America’s Ailing Power Grid

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