Honey Bees Were Killed in SC Due to Zika Virus Mosquitoes

Maybe you heard about the mass murder of bees in Summerville, South Carolina. Finish the city decided to “control” Zika virus by aerial spraying of deadly chemical pesticide. Millions and millions of bees have died.
Consider some facts of the situation. When the decision of the coverage of an ignorant population with deadly synthetic chemicals, the motivator was the Zika virus. Yes, we have all seen the terrible pictures of babies born in Brazil with a small head. But it is in South Carolina, not in Brazil.
Of the date on which it was carried out fumigation, there were 46 confirmed cases of Zika virus in South Carolina. Of these, 45 have contracted Zika outside the United States during the trip. 46 The number of cases was a man who committed sexual contact with a person who had traveled outside the country. No cases of Zika came from mosquitoes in South Carolina.
There are about 5 million people in South Carolina so that Zika virus has affected exactly.00092% of the state population. To
put it in perspective, if we consider a year of his life … Think of
all the activities and events of January, Valentine’s Day through
spring, Easter, summer, the Fourth of July.
to the fall and the football season, Halloween, Thanksgiving and after
Christmas through the New Year. All the time, the events and experiences
that you have in a year … Now does.00092% this year represents
? About 8 hours. So eight hours outside all year is the number of people in South
Carolina are affected (through travel outside the United States) by Zika
few people affected, no cases of Zika virus originated in South
Carolina, and the decision to fly over a city is taken and pour toxic
No notice was given to beekeepers. No chance to avoid disaster. A particularly beekeeper has lost more than 3 million bees and all their source of income.
The toxic pesticide naled choice that is known to kill adult mosquitoes. It also kills bees, butterflies, birds and fish. In addition, naled irritation of the skin and cause eye irritation in humans and is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Yes, inhalation “as a plane flies over and sprinkle a thin layer of a toxic chemical in particular in its path. What about your children and dogs playing outside.
Again, there is no evidence that mosquitoes in South Carolina Zika carry the virus. A small fraction of the population contracted the virus outside the country. However, the decision to use a deadly chemical without notice to the unsuspecting public is taken.
Really? Who is responsible here?
We need our bees. Bees are absolutely essential for the pollination of our food supply. Bee populations are declining at an alarming rate and guess what? , Chemical toxic pesticides.
This artificial disaster in Summerville, South Carolina is the poster child “The dangers of chemical pesticides. Hopefully policy makers in the future learn from the mistakes of others.
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safe and environmentally friendly as an alternative to synthetic
chemical pesticides.
pest products aphid control do not want such as mosquitoes, ants,
bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, mites, etc., but cause no harm at
all beneficial creatures such as bees.
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Honey Bees Were Killed in SC Due to Zika Virus Mosquitoes

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