Each Material Has Its Own Character

Sculpting is possible with all available materials. You
can fold the paper, carving, sawing wood or assemble, compile different
materials in one piece, welding, forging, iron relief, the clay mold,
cast bronze or plastic, glue various things together
, work with glass, which you want.
However, only practice makes perfect. So when you happen to be inexperienced with a particular material, the sculpture will get other things you do very well. When carving wood, for example, you must consider the angle of the grain. You use your chisel to a certain inclination, grain directly how much wood can be cut.

When we study the old wood will learn and understand why certain forms were chosen. When
working with clay that can take some time before you are able to make
the look of the skin as smooth as you want or leave it as thick as
Working in bronze requires a separate technique. First make a wax model, creating a mold for casting, which is completely different from the ceramic.
It could be frustrating when you want to try to work with you to previously unknown material. But you can also convert this limitation in their favor. The advantage of using different materials is that they create their own competition. The concept of wood is different from concrete, bricks are not like plastic, bronze clay is mixed. Used in his sculpture.
If you work with materials found in the wonder of these treasures found will play an important role in working with them.
The most important thing when the sculpture is to feel free, also with the material of your choice. You
can try to explore their technical limits, but it could also be called
with the help of an expert with knowledge of material you want to work.
Make sure you choose a very competent, creative and inventive.
You can also select a particular type of hardware and control it so
that you are able to express themselves in all possible forms thereof.
But the base of the sculpture is the same. It is all about, the composition of the skin, the concept. His personal creation and comments on humanity this day and age, the
expression of a universal feeling or universal truth itself.
You can make your own statue in any way you want. Is not that great?

Each Material Has Its Own Character

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