2 Myths That Can Destroy Start-Up Managed IT Support Services Providers

The market for managed IT services is growing at a rapid pace, and it seems that this growth does not come to an end. As this growth story is longer, more and more new market players will
earn a place in tomorrow’s market, provided they are not victims of two
given that competition is strong, there are countless managed IT
support service providers not because they believe in myths and
incorrect assumptions;
These myths also lead to disastrous consequences and critical errors. We, through this message, you give the managed service provider (MSP), the low down on some of the most common myths. Here they are.
If we did, they will come
Each starter MSP generally have technical guys who do not have much experience in the real world; which may be experienced, however. Most often, these MSPs are open for those who just finished his computer engineering or information technology.

They may have been aces college, but it’s a completely different ball game outside the four walls of the university. And even if they have the talent, they try not to think about before investing in technology.

Sometimes even the most advanced pieces of technology can not be supported by customers. However,
before investing in this type of new pieces of technology, these
entrepreneurs have an underlying assumption: If we build it, they
(customers) come looking for him.

This is one of the biggest myths that must be unmasked at the moment. Rather, all these new players have to invest in something that is already present; invest in future technology never makes sense because it is something that will not be adopted by their customers anytime soon.
We do not need processes and people, because we now have the tools
It is the myth number two and something that was why several new MSPs looking down the barrel of a gun. As
a managed IT service providers have a technological background, which
is relatively easy to assume that they can do everything with the help
of advanced tools and need not labor or
process. However, this is not the case.

The owner of the experience is only very inadequate to handle a large number of customers; So to that end, it is helpful to have more and more people. In addition, there is an undeniable need for processes that are essential to maintain workflow and channel.
are two great myths that each MSP must avoid believe that will always
remain relevant and profitable, no matter what happens.


2 Myths That Can Destroy Start-Up Managed IT Support Services Providers

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