How SEGA Shot Themselves in the Foot With the Saturn

you are a player and has given more than a glance at the news of the
industry in the past two years, it is likely to be aware of how
Microsoft indeed marred the launch of the
Xbox One. If
it was superb, arrogance, or just the head of the pure bone, someone
really bad marketing at Microsoft for the latest Xbox console, and whose
effects are still felt today as the PS4 graphics dominated the month
after month. Sony could be famous now, but they are also found in a similar
situation last generation when they tried to start your PS3 in
controversy, higher prices, and poor marketing.
Microsoft are among rehabilitate his image after the debacle of the
Xbox One and Sony DRM implemented what they learned the relative failure
of the PS3 PS4 to improve, at least, these companies are still
launching consoles
. Already
in 1995, Sega was one of the “two big” when it came to the game console
(with Nintendo), but some terrible marketing decisions with Saturn has
now plummeting who never really recovered
from which it results in the early abandonment of its next console,
the Dreamcast, and ultimately to withdraw from the game entirely
the launch of the Saturn, Sega announced that the console would be
released a week before the new Sony console, the PlayStation, in
September 1995. Whether the fear of the new kid on the block, or just
incredibly marketing ploy
someone at the headquarters of SEGA decided that it would be a good
idea to surprise everyone with the launch of the Saturn in May, a big
To all. Including players. And retailers. And developers. And publishers. Oh, and forget about the development of the 32X, which is why last month.
the Sega Saturn was launched in May 1995, but most players were
concerned that was not expected until September to not have the ability
to save or tell her parents she was coming.
does not really matter though, since most retailers were also aware
that the console arrives and their stores are not readily equipped to
take on the launch of a brand new console before the five months they
waiting. Although,
on second thought, maybe they were worried about anything because there
was no game ready for the system since SEGA but also to alert game
developers are changing in the
meaning release date was only six games available at launch and all were made by SEGA.
SEGA managed to change virtually every retailer, every game developer
and publisher that are not them, and confuse gamers worldwide.
It was essentially the equivalent of games to send all your Christmas
cards in June, and then wonder why nobody bothered to send back.
Saturn was not quite the straw that broke the camel, but the decision
to divert everyone with a fake release date for the disabled console and
allowed the PlayStation to clean when it was finally released on the
same day
Sony said that people would be released in September. SEGA
will do no such quibbles with its next console, the Dreamcast, but the
damage to their brand has been done, and in doing so, given Sony the
ability to find a balance in the console market.
PlayStation 2 has become the best selling console of all time, and the
Dreamcast lasted less than two years on the market before SEGA
completely abandoned the hardware to focus on developing and publishing
games for other consoles.

How SEGA Shot Themselves in the Foot With the Saturn

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