It Comes Out the Biggest Secret of the Maya

Uxmal, Kabah, Nohpat, Sayil and Labna, are the five cities that bind to the known Mayan language under the name mystery “Pucc”. An
architecture developed by this civilization between 1000 and 500 BC,
which means “mountain” or “chain of low hills of the mountain,” gives us
a clear vision of the regions of the Yucatan Peninsula, where this
construction has been
out style.
what is it that makes it so special?, Pucc could start by explaining
that it was a type of building to house the ruling elites of the time,
and are generally characterized by their smooth vertical walls decorated
with friezes top panels with hieroglyphics
and masks representing the god Chac rain, with its characteristic nose that evokes Gonzo rays.
interesting thing is that all this Mayan architecture consists of
buildings and columns, as well as how the rooms are arranged, formed a
code that performs the daily life of the Maya, who told us that the
governing elite of
a city, of a political power and a solid economic base, allowing you
to change the configuration of a large city designed, planned, was
carried out.
Really what we can perceive in the decoration of the Puuc architecture is a language, a speech, “said Jose Huchim the BBC.
Merida, the exhibition “Puuc Code: architecture and symbolism,” shows a
collection of 150 photographs and some archaeological pieces, through
which the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), we try
to share with people the world view of this culture.
of the most frequented by tourists to observe these sites constructions
are: the Guesser Pyramid, the convent and the Casa de las Palomas.
Would you leave civilization to surprise some day? Hopefully not!
The architectural style has been preserved in the Maya area of ​​the
Yucatan Peninsula and can be found in archaeological sites like Uxmal.
fact, this form of construction and decoration of buildings nickname
given much of the peninsula, known as the “Puuc region”.
This, in turn, means hill in Mayan.
Among the buildings in the style that is best enjoyed the Pyramid of
the Magician, the convent and the Casa de las Palomas, which are among
the most visited in the region.
Here the remains of cities built by the ancient civilization to the traditional ending.
Knowledge of the legacy of these original cultures of the continent is essential for those who like to enjoy every trip. But the truth is that not only visit these cities is that you can know the universe of #mayas. Their culture is still alive in music, cooking, and a number of traditions. During his visit to the region, be sure to dive into this world so great.
Code of Puuc: the visual language of the ancient Maya
This is the Puuc architectural style developed by the ancient Mayan civilization between 1000 and 500 BC (AC).
is a way to build and decorate or ceremony dedicated to welcome the
leaders of the era, which was characterized by the use of masks on the
walls, friezes and panels with hieroglyphics buildings.

It Comes Out the Biggest Secret of the Maya

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