10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat

area of ​​the east coast of Florida, where I live is polluted by a blue
/ green algae vile killing local fish and stinking to high heaven.
It has the consistency of guacamole and is caused by pollutants from runoff from Lake Okeechobee. This algae is not only to the sick fish, but also exposed. This is a recurring problem that seems to happen every year that South Florida gets the levels of above average rainfall. Whatever the cause is, of course, it is not good for our fishing, our
health and can result in millions of tourist dollars that will be lost
if the problem persists soon.
This problem of pollution made me think of fish stocks that can live
by pollution in their environment and to pass these contaminants in
fish, we eat seafood lovers love.
Sometime in the Internet has achieved some of the most poisonous fish are swimming in our region. The main contaminant in fish mentioned below is mercury. Mercury is highly toxic to humans and accumulates in predatory fish, as they benefit other contaminated fish. When we eat mercury contaminated fish accumulates in our body as well.
Mercury has many harmful effects on humans. Worst 3 are:
• Brain injury• Liver damage• Kidney damage
Fish that tend to have more mercury in their tissues are listed below. These fish are:
• Kingfish (King Mackerel)• Cobia• Sharks• Albacore• Spanish Mackerel• Marlin• Swordfish• Bluefish• Tilefish• Amberjacks
There are still some delicious fish there that generally have high levels of mercury. These fish are:
• Dolphin (mahi)• Flounder• Vermillion Snapper• Tripletails• Ballesta
Fish are mentioned in this article are not necessarily bad to eat in moderation. As with most things in life of moderation is the key to health. This article was meant to be seen as a public service announcement for those of us who eat lots of fish. If you like to eat mackerel, may yet, but maybe eat every day would be a bad idea.
Another thing to consider is the fact that fish are generally rich in selenium. Selenium mercury decomposes in fact in the body. This
is probably why the consumption of fish with high mercury content in
moderation usually does not cause too many health problems for most


10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat

10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat, Dangerous, Eat, Fish, Most

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