So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success

Many women are very “sensitive” after suffering a broken relationship. The reasons may be many, and vary from one woman to another. However,
the main problem is, if a woman can “learn” how to maintain an intimate
relationship with success and not have the need to find a partner again
and again.
The answer is very simple: when self-awareness grows, to figure out
what in their attitudes and behaviors cause a relationship to fail, then
you can develop the ability to develop and maintain a successful
Some of the ways you sabotage your relationship
Love and be loved is wonderful. However, when you love “without borders”; when you give of yourself unconditionally (which is very romantic); when “sacrifice” himself “on the altar of the relationship”; when
you let your partner dictate the nature of the relationship (or lack
thereof), rather than to ensure that you have a relationship to give
mutual and take, then you may find, again and again, frustrated, bitter,
and only.
What you behave as a means of self-sabotage?
The reasons may be many, and vary from one woman to another. You can behave this way of low self-esteem; fear of abandonment; the bottomless need for love; on the belief that sell all their relatives, it is heroic and altruistic, etc.
of what motivates behaviors that sabotage their relationships (and
again), most likely they are not aware of what you are wrong.
First, he sees no “wrongdoing”, offering both love. Secondly, if he had been aware of how their relationship will probably
have to make the changes necessary at this stage sabotage.
Lack of self-awareness that leads to sabotage your time and new relationships
are not aware of the needs and fears that drive their behaviors (such
as fear of abandonment, the need to be loved and appreciated).
are not aware of the behaviors that have developed over the years on
the basis of these fears and needs (as sacrifice, be there 100% of your
partner, etc.).
Behaviors and attitudes think that if “save” relationships and “save”
you from being left by his partner, are exactly what sabotage their
relationships and leave you alone again.
However, do not be aware of the turn of events, it is likely to
continue to behave in these forms of self-sabotage again and again,
regardless of the number of relationships you’ve had.
Develop your self-awareness is a key to being able to maintain a successful intimacy
Develop your self-awareness is the key to becoming able to understand
your behavior and needs and fears that cause them to behave the way you
do self-sabotage.
is only when you realize that you begin to realize how to shoot in the
foot in relationships far (the belief that it is doing something “right”
not to realize the opposite is true
Now, with his new understanding, you begin to understand what must change their behavior and attitudes. In addition, he begins to see what you can do to control their needs and fears that sabotage your relationships to drive.
Knowing yourself allows you to start being assertive with potential partners; given the realization of their right to have a mutual give and take relationship; and how to set limits, even with your beloved.
The path to self-awareness
The road to self-awareness must not be strewn with difficulties. If
you walk this path with positive thinking and attitude, in the belief
that, in the end, you will need to become stronger and more able to
maintain a successful intimacy, they will realize that and appreciate
the process, travel, the road looking for a partner who will develop a
relationship that is based on true mutual give and take love and

So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success

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