The Challenges of Multi-Functional Spaces

a few weeks I got a call from a client to come look at his finished
basement, who worked as a playroom for her two small children, a TV
room, office, storage and a bathroom
guest room. She knew she needed help, but I really did not know where to start.
always enjoy the challenge of a multifunctional space because the
principle of basic organization of the creation of “zones” can be
Well, we have many areas to think about this case. In
the main area there are toys piled around the space, a cabin unit with
several stacks of books, toys, baskets (not properly adjust the unit
cell), two large leather sofas, a
container fireplace chimney only “decorative” (but thus on the way), a coffee table and a large TV. It is absolutely jammed packed – you get the picture. Then there is a small room used for storage, which requires proper
venting and the guest room with a bed that what needs to be replaced
(imagine a mattress on wooden blocks).
major challenge with the space, according to the mother, is that there
is no place for the boys to establish their lanes for cars and trains
and work on crafts.
In addition, the room is cold in winter. So my challenge is to provide more space and solve the problem with the cold.
Step number one was to build a door in the hallway leading to the room to avoid heat leaks in the stairs to the back door. The next thing was to remove the layer of the stack, giving two large
sofas and a coffee table and end and a few other pieces of furniture,
and then the painted space.
Our plan is to move the desk in the guest room and replace the bed with a sofa bed. In
the main hall, we bring in a new large sofa with fabric childproof,
really impressive craft table with built-in paper roll, the ottoman
storage, and a new flat screen TV to be mounted on the wall.
will build a shelf components for television and adjustable shelves is
in the corner where the office space to be used to contain all toy
The interesting thing is that we can add a chair and a small library (reading area) without moving space at all.
will decorate the main room, with neutral colors and adding a beautiful
color blue Chinese painting in the bedroom / office and guest bathroom
downstairs, “while we’re there,” of course.
addition of carpet tiles in brilliant stripes, it will be more suitable
for children and allow the opening of space to play and watch movies
with several friends.
This space should be a great time for the whole family, while the children are young and a great place for teenagers later. And, best of all, became organizer and decorator in this case – if!

The Challenges of Multi-Functional Spaces

Challenges, Functional, Multi, Spaces, The Challenges of Multi-Functional Spaces

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