Mosquito Repellents – What to Use?

Another disease transmitted by mosquitoes showed his dark side. How you can repel mosquitoes? You must protect yourself with insect repellent as Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) was seen again this year.
to the Centers for Disease Control, EEA has a “mortality rate of 33%”
terribly afraid and “significant brain damage in most survivors.”
We’re talking about a real threat, not just something that happens in other parts of the developing world.
So how do you protect yourself? mosquito repellent! Staying within 100% of time is impossible that it is protected.
mosquito repellents come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. What
mosquito repellents work, which are useful and which are actually more
dangerous than the diseases they are designed to prevent?
Here are some guidelines are presented when making their mosquito repellents decisions:
DEET – big no no! DEET is a neurotoxin synthetic chemistry which is directed to brain function. Humans can absorb more than 50% DEET through the skin. If mixed with a sunscreen, the absorption level is triggered. Do not even think about using DEET, unless you like the idea of ​​absorbing the poison.Mosquito misting systems – This is an opportunity to spray toxic chemicals in nature. Use synthetic pyrethroids which are effective in killing mosquitoes and bees, butterflies and even small dogs. These misting systems can help with mosquitoes, but if the wind blows
or mosquitoes flying around the mist, then no benefit is achieved when
many friends in nature are compromised.
Lemongrass – Lemongrass offense mosquitoes. Note the word “offense” – does not kill or even reject the word is too strong. If a mosquito is not really hungry, lemongrass is fine. However, if the mosquito is ready to procreate and need to feed on
blood, lemongrass is of no use – that mosquitoes breaks through it!
natural products – We have all been in a long list of green products, they expect something will work. They come in a variety of essential oils such as citronella, mint, etc., and most operate as lemongrass. They are offensive, however ineffective. But there is one ingredient that does the job …
Cedar based natural repellents – Bingo! Cedar is the magic potion, for the cedar is deadly to pests but harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Cedar does not harm bees, butterflies or small dogs. But cedar is a death sentence for mosquitoes. So a cedar repellent, it is not only green, but it really works!
Louise Hodges has aphid offering pest control products that use the cedar as active ingredient. Aphid offers alternatives to synthetic chemical pesticides.
pest products aphid control do not want such as mosquitoes, ants,
bedbugs, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, mites, etc., but do not harm
beneficial to all beings.
They created the aphid system that allows an irrigation system to create safe zones where the water is directed.

Mosquito Repellents – What to Use?

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