Why Is Money More Important Than One’s Spirituality?

The global economy attach to the edge of failure in their struggle with declining values ​​of nations and loss of income. Increasing
Donald Trump in the next federal election in the US It is repeated
elsewhere as people seek better access to the promises of those who do
not have much sense, but raise their hopes.
Jobs and the future are in the mind of most as they head to the polls and make choices. As Britain takes a decision that his future is what is happening elsewhere.
respect people apply to those who have “done” in terms of their success
in the business world void of such things as the spirituality of one
and the obvious problem that the world is in.
With signs that suggest that we are on track to end the world as they
know where the return to spiritual things that could have been expected
to face such a disaster?
the memory of my reincarnation and the knowledge that religion is very
out of place when it comes to the fall of the far provided actually a
religious touch.
But there is a closer relationship with the true God, the Spirit of the Universe, and that does not happen.
alternatives, putting his trust in money rather than seek support from
the only person who can really help the situation worsens.
is no doubt that the prophecies of the Old Testament and the obvious
reality of them is the Internet are made (mountain that stands above all
other mountains) at the end of the day
(Micah 4: 1) and huge population.
says in the Bible that at this point everyone will be again because of
reincarnation (Job 5: 19-22, 26:19) and there is no other explanation
for the sudden explosion
the number of people. Certainly this is the cause of wars and the economic slowdown in
people outnumber the available jobs and housing prices and other things
that are a witness.
Money is an invention, and like everything in the construction of dreams supported by hot air. It must be spoken and when people stop to listen cools the air and deflation is a decline in consumer confidence. As retail stores close, companies are turning to bankruptcy, and
countries like Venezuela can no longer feed its population things go
change and global warming are causing an environment in which weather
conditions are causing massive destruction, hunger is already the case
in many places occurs species extinction, and
wars are inevitable. Maybe when things go wrong and there is no way to get money is not more important than spirituality. The problem is that it might be too late.


Why Is Money More Important Than One’s Spirituality?

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