The Top 10 Office Lease Expenses

Leasing costs and fees of a new commercial office space, it can be hidden; They are:
1. Revenue – In general, the largest in terms of your rental fee. It is based on the rent or rental space and how to measure your landlord leasing facilities?
Additional charges (taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities common
area) – Know what you are and have estimates of the amount of each.
Did you ask your landlord to crown these expenses?
3. Lease term – Often tenants are rewarded for committing to a long-term rental with lower rent rates. Have you negotiated a cancellation to create flexibility for your business?
4. Mounted income – Do you have and if so, how much are they? Tenants forget that. The increases are based on net income or gross rent? If you are in gross income may be subject to double increases.
5. Security Deposit – should pay for one? How much does it cost? The owner is to require a personal guarantee or a letter of credit?
6. Deferred income – this is a requirement and how much.
7. leasehold improvements – What will your costs to get the space ready for occupancy. What will own contribution? Does your landlord provides space planning for their tenants? Are you protected the owner provides a turnkey construction that we do not have exposure to the cost of your own pocket?
8. Maintenance and Repair – What is your exposure to this? He is the model that requires you as a tenant to pay for capital expenditures for repairs in the building? building repairs must be a cost to the owner.
9. Assign / Sublet Rights – You are required to pay rent for the duration of your lease. Make sure that you can assign or sublet their space if needed. Is the language that requires the owner’s reasonable to sublet / missions?
10. Exclusivity / Main Purpose – If your business depends not close
competition need the agreement of the owners do not rent their
Leasing office space is one of the most important decisions must be made and that will live for the next 5-10 years. Not only you will be bound by your lease (or purchase), but the cost of movement is great. Usually the cost of office space is the largest single item after
payroll and adds to the profitability of its income statement so.
Choose your area carefully and consider hiring a commercial real estate agent with experience to negotiate on their behalf. A broker actually saves you money because of their knowledge of the market.

The Top 10 Office Lease Expenses

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