Amazingly Bold Maximalist Interiors

styles and more striking colors and exotic employer to employer opulent
complex, the maximalist design is abundant and overwhelming
surprisingly interesting.
beautiful interiors and the most dazzling after the “more is more”
approach are decorated in such a way that there is never enough of
A gift for extravagance showing in the furniture and textile color and
richly gilded richly patterned, richly embroidered, fitted carpets or
curtains, very sculpted entrances, interior maximalists are the dream of
an artist.
A little too much is not enough for me! ,
Luxury rooms opulent maximalist with artifacts of one-of-a-kind, color
and boldly embracing the traditions, architecture, and the doors of
India are just the right item for this kind of interiors.
aesthetic eclectic interiors mixing different styles and periods without problems, the mix of old, new and everything else. India Furniture and textiles are extravagant in color and design and go well with the maximalist design.
patinated wardrobes, dressers exotically carved with animals and
flowers and ancient tapestries Kutch in the red and green earth walls
are in bright spurts throughout the house.
maharajas of riding elephant figure gold sculptures and carved wall
Ganeshas are trapped in the textured walls with low light.
Removing color of wild excess, leading them to a place that is
beautiful to create something unique and personal is a style that goes
well with Indian furniture.
and style go hand in hand with ancient forests that exudes a vibrant
energy that are based and textiles layered with prints and drawings old
Mughal era.
of pillows, valances on the windows, curtains and mixed solid,
pashminas are so sweet and nice fill the room with an extravagant look.
A background of an old 18c bronze door and iron ornamentation leads to a secret passage guide you to your sacred space.
Bohemians designs prints made with the bedding and furnishings burst
into a festival of colors and the richness, maximalist design is very
passionate and dynamic
maximalist design revels in the more extravagant the better exotic combinations. Red, blue and gold, bold, bright, saturated colors, striking color palettes create interest and bring passion.
Every inch of the room is full of colors and textiles, objects, books and trinkets, the better. Creating
a piece of fully integrated design is the ability in the flow of
energy, the house is a haven of peace to breathe the life of our soul so
rejoices in color and texture.
arrangements and luxury flowing fabrics, wall stencils, a water
fountain with crystal Shiva brings in the energy of nature.

Amazingly Bold Maximalist Interiors

Amazingly, Amazingly Bold Maximalist Interiors, Bold, Interiors, Maximalist

from 1betterthanall


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