How to Store Your Winter Clothes Away

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to pack bridges and realize the shorts and t-shirts. Most of us are very happy to do our closets of winter, but if you want
to make sure that your clothes still look great after being stored for
months at a time, here are some tips.
wash all
may not seem logical to wash something that will keep for a few months,
but it is actually very important to do if you want to keep your
particles, food and sweating can lead to staining if left for a long
period of time and can be difficult or impossible to get out.
Dirty clothes are also more likely to attract insects that could cause damage.
Use plastic containers
The best way to store your clothes in plastic containers. They keep it dry, protected and free of mold and mold clothing. Avoid using plastic bags because moisture trap boxes and cause mold and cardboard do not protect against parasites.
Temperature Control
The best storage conditions for your clothes are in a clean room, cool, dark and dry. Ideally, the room should not be warmer than 23 degrees Celsius, so if
your loft get a strong heat in the summer months, this might not be the
best place to store clothes.
A storage unit is a great place to keep your maybe summer clothes and everything you want on your way. You can be sure that these units are controlled and very safe temperature. In addition, you can access everything you need at any time you want. This means that if the British summer decided to disappoint and you need to get the bridge after all, can do it easily.
Use cedar balls
of us fear the use of mothballs because they feel bad and what is more,
are not 100% effective and can also be very dangerous if found by
children or pets.
A much better alternative is cedar wood balls. They are much easier on the nose and are more effective than mothballs when used properly.
Be careful when you hang items
may seem logical to hang out loud to avoid wrinkles that create, it
will be difficult to leave, but sometimes it can do more harm than good.
Bridges and other knitwear can be greatly distorted and stretched
beyond repair by hanging long term so it is best to carefully folded
this kind of items and place them in a plastic container.
Another good tip is to store heavier items of clothing on the bottom and the lightest on top. Not only does this minimize wrinkle stacking clothes but freely allows air to keep the circle even in the long-term storage.

How to Store Your Winter Clothes Away

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