The Cause of and Pain of Cancer

This is a subject close to my heart because it is one year since my dear sister succumbed to the disease. He
was not only the pain of growing tumor in the pancreas that caused a
problem, but the great depression to receive a death sentence.

Each day was based on the fact that he was dying and there was no way I could be comforted that the events were severe. As the body began to decompose and lost control of his other bodily functions have stopped.
My Reincarnation is proof that we can be reborn and live again, but she said she did not want. Life is full of pain and disasters should take in our stride. In many lifetimes, we were subjected to suffering and miserable circumstances and we ask all why?
What life is when disaster is brought upon us? What is the purpose of this, if we go back? Is there a God who imposes these things? Or is it something we do ourselves?
With a link to the Spirit and knowledge of me and gave a commission to
eliminate blindness wall was received can provide answers to these
is a God who inflicts pain and puts people in poverty and situations
that can not escape and is done for a reason (Isaiah 45: 4-8).
The main one is because most ignore the inner voice and worship other gods. The statues, idols, celebrities and formed habits are all false gods and dangerous.
sister smoked and had not considered anything beyond their own
happiness, even if it was very thoughtful and useful for many people.
This kind of thing does not matter, however, and can not escape the pain of not being in step with the Spirit.
Anything that blocks our connection with the Almighty is a charge against us. The pain is relieved when the correct notes are pressed and reconnect people with the link. This is harder to do in the middle of the depression and facing a death sentence for cancer or anything else. It is something that should be part of our daily lives and as part of our health system.
God commanded Norma Holt is working to spread the knowledge given to her by the Spirit. It differs from religious teachings because it has the memory of reincarnation and know that heaven and hell are myths.

The Cause of and Pain of Cancer

Cancer, Cause, Pain, The Cause of and Pain of Cancer

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