Tips for Buying a Traveling Pack and Play

If you have small children, a pack and play, it is not a luxury. It is very convenient vacation if you go to sleep. What should you look for when buying a travel cot for the safety and comfort for your baby?
A pack and play is not a permanent bed, because it is not sufficiently strong and stable. It features a rectangular metal frame with a bath textile or plastic. It is available in most baby stores and specialty shops playground. In two seconds, you can fold and fold again within 8 seconds. It weighs 2 kilos and comes with a carry bag and mattress.
Be careful before buying
Pack travel costs and the play between 40 and 150 euros. So
if you find one that is a little more expensive money, ask if
additional options will offset the price or look at the overall quality
of the bed
How the business is part and degree of tension is the fabric? If you want years of enjoyment, you may need a slightly larger investment.
Also check the folding mechanism. The main function of travel cot is that you can fold quickly. Try a couple of times in the first store. If you do not exist, you can not succeed at home. In addition, consider the frequency of use and why. If you’re on a flight, the weight is crucial. It can be hand luggage so that your child can simply take a nap during a stop or delay. In all cases, the lighter the better.
Eight shopping tips:
• Note the frame. A security framework should be locked after deployment and may be able to continue.• Closing of the folding mechanism can not be opened by children. There must be a safety cap in the pack and play.• It is important to note that the frame tubes are outside of the upholstery, so you can not pinch your child.• The floor should be firm. There should be no bar to prevent sagging attendance. In addition, it is important that the bottom is as small as possible.• Make sure there is no space on both sides, so that the baby can not fall.• Make sure both sides are well hidden in the fabric or sewing. In addition, the party must be at least 55 centimeters.• Also note that the mattress is firm enough and not easily deformed. This will prevent your child go under the mattress.• There should be no space between the mattress and the side walls.
Travel safety
The use of packaging and the game is safe only with probable mattress. By placing an extra mattress on the bed, the mattress can be rolled up, and the children could be trapped or asphyxiated. However,
many parents have put an extra mattress because the mattress that comes
with the pack and play is thin and not comfortable enough.

Tips for Buying a Traveling Pack and Play

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