The Good Old Days

another summer autumn of my years is just about’m so often to mind the
joy in waiting when the soft summer winds rolled in the days of my
What precious memories that you can do to your soul. Peace and tranquility in the memories of days long past time are the best times of my life now. Today, the world collapses their way forward. But really, looking back should always pave the way for the way forward. Yet, many times the man failed to recognize what is in the past are so useful for the future.
is so disturbing about this particular year many cases where the joy of
the approach of the summer season, where the summer breeze used to lift
the spirits so that they become strong winds bring
clouds storm of discontent, terror and pain. the misery in the world continues. Even
now, when you get to the rocker existence where life should be just a
breeze, as the saying goes, but in reality, many are facing difficulties
after difficulties.
Millions of people suffer the struggles of everyday life. Days filled with anxiety and fear.
I think of those sweet hot summers he has long not there in my wildest
dreams I could have imagined what would the world as it is today.
The harsh reality of terror since 9/11 has been a constant reminder of the savagery of our world has become. When
you think back really was a period in time when the hopes and dreams
could actually fulfilled when the breeze was cast as well as forged
friendships that have stood the test of time.
Now all that remains are the precious memories that are still hidden in the recesses of my mind.
yes, good times and like Nat King Cole performed “These days soda,
pretzels and beer” And my father always commented that were the days.
Recently, I began to think that my father was right. In the days of my youth were really good times. The world today is fast and furious. The turmoil has drowned peaceful memories of yesterday. And not many able to have fun away innocent time in the game like I did when I was young. The constant of the difficult situation that many now used to live all existing and not.
Many wondered what went wrong? How
do the United States and the world, with all the advances in science,
medicine and technology, there is still much inequality, greed, disease
and terror?
Of course, it was 60 years ago, my parents worked, they were also able to enjoy life. Today, many can not try to make it through one more day. You can tell a lot about our society today, when we look at our cities across the country. The strong family unit when both parents have the responsibility of parenting has been replaced by a parent or grandfather. What is even worse is that today there is a high rate of registration of children in foster care. Increasing homelessness also contributed to the demoralization of the family unit.
What made the United States a great inspiration for our foundation was the strength of the family. When
the family unit is the backbone of our company, as we have seen the
consequences that play across the US They are a constant reminder of a
society that has really lost its way.
a large disparity is added to the income of the ATM today, where
millions of income are far from sufficient to cover the increased cost
of living adds to the constant struggle that many simply do through
the day. Compared with the reality of just 50 years ago a very strong case that my good times were really good times.
Maybe there is hope to regain a semblance of a period in time when the hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. If the joy of a season that causes a resurgence of a better quality of life. Where everyone can live in harmony with each other and nature. But
to fulfill this promise so that people can really say today and
tomorrow are the good old days, as a society, must join a unity of
unit to correct the mistakes of corporate greed, raising the yoke of
apathy that keeps the government work for the people and realize that
our greatest strengths as a nation is our diversity, cohesion of the
family unity and sanctity of life.
nation now has a unique opportunity for people to say when they
remember the next ten years were the “Days Old Good” We must not waste
this opportunity in conducting our lies potential to remember what made
good times and report that period to be adapted to today’s time. The good old days, a period which could be fulfilled the hopes and dreams can come again.

The Good Old Days

Days, Good, Old, The Good Old Days

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