Meeting the Challenge of Home Management

first thing that needs to be resolved and understood by all family
members is that home treatment is not a work of one person.
mother can not and should not do everything around the house and at the
same time dealing with schools, shopping centers and other jobs outside
of the home.
Everyone must contribute in one way or another. This will require planning a family reunion where everyone must
participate and everyone will be committed to what they are assigned to
Every Sunday evening the family should meet to prepare grounds schedule for next week. The
program should include the work of children and adolescents are made,
the Working Mom and Dad are going to banks that the family can do
Job creation is an important group for “family time” allows everyone to interact, talk and share together. Examples of what could be garden maintenance, car washing, and cooking dinner. individual
workstations should be taken into consideration and each person will be
responsible to ensure that they operate duty or exchange with another
person when they are not able to do so.
His family the army, some leeway should be allowed to do fun things.
During the Sunday evening meeting a menu for the week should be discussed and agreed. In most families essentially revolve around dinner because almost everyone will be out of the house. When
the menu is agreed and the fridge and the pantry is checked to ensure
that all the ingredients for a week and needs a shopping list should be
made available.
A trip to the store on Monday must provide all necessary supplies for the week. If
something is neglected or outside the house during the afternoon, they
will be assigned to call home before returning to find out if you need
something you can buy on the way home
is understood that each child or adolescent will be responsible for
keeping their rooms in order and deliver laundry to the designated area.
It is also understood that each family member will help you save electricity by turning on the lights, television, stereo, etc. every time you leave a room. It is also understood that they will make great efforts to limit shower and bath times due to conserve water. All entries will be assigned according to age and ability and also rotate every week that everyone shares the work too. It is also understood that while parents work outside the home will the banks do when they go home. This is a group effort, so no excuses.
The schedule should be posted in a conspicuous place. In
addition to planning the distribution of work, which will be used to
enter the time and place of appointment or outside the home activities
everyone will have next week.
This will help the needs and plane travel time. In
this way, the family will be organized so they can share the trip and
plan activities together, where possible, to save gas and time.
This will also give them the opportunity to share time and conversation while coming and going. This will include medical appointments, study groups, sports activities, etc. Everyone should be aware that if the mother does not work and stays home all day, it does not mean he is a pilot. A
mother always has something to do at home, juggling your budget, buy
the necessary things and keep the house clean enough for everyone;
The work of a mother is never finished.
It may take some time to get this plan into action and to smooth wrinkles, but once made their home race smoothly. At
first, the children will not be very happy with it, but they will learn
and feel better knowing that they contribute to the management of their
home and at the same time, closer to each other.
days families do not share enough, enough is not talking in many cases
they are not that many people trapped inside the house.
is vital for us as parents to make an effort to bring the concept of
the family again, to share with our children in person and not by phone
or by sending messages to each other.
It is important to know and relate to our children who are now with us for a day off. If we do not work and build relationships with them, everything will be empty long memories.

Meeting the Challenge of Home Management

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