A friend of mine, Tom recently ordered this obvious trend. At 51, Tom works as a computer consultant (1099) for a start-up medical technology. Tom recently shared that he had just returned from a meeting with his high school friends.

is made reference Tom had been in management positions in large
companies, and had followed the long and distinguished career paths to
reach their career goals.

Tom saw something more than a coincidence that the only people
currently employed among his friends were self / own their own business
were used.

Everyone in the group Tom had risen through the ranks of US companies were now “displaced due to the circumstances.” many look around to see this phenomenon infiltrate an entire generation of life is necessary.

The contemporary application of the name “juniorization” refers to the “elephant in the room”. It is the common practice of “displacement” executives “do not have much left of the track.” It speaks of human resources to participate in discrimination on the
age of the illegal practice through a strategic deployment of simplified
purchasing, departures forced retirement, travel and cooking.

fact that there is (still) has not been a wave of age discrimination
lawsuit does not mean that the problem has not reached a state of
This simply means that these illegal practices are difficult to prove. employees
who are extorted severance benefits that have been significantly
controlled in terms of fiscal financial savings for the company.

Whether signing, you agree to keep your mouth shut and accept what you
are offering, or the shoe is taken, and to face a long and expensive
process of litigation.

As you read this article; HR teams are working feverishly to prove that they are not using juniorization practices. They
publish lists of displaced employees who reflect the diversity of ages
of people who are about to join the ranks of the unemployed.

there is a good chance that the company will turn around and re-hire
younger employees in new positions or replace executives moved with
options “economically most favorable”, including off “1099 consultants’
less experience and less expensive employees.

Hiring managers are recommended against hiring older people teams –
even if the employee leading candidate has a particularly advantageous
history as a leader or as an innovator.

It is undeniable that older employees can not be technically updated their counterparts-rising young stars. But this is not an acceptable reason (or moral) to put in the pasture. They have much to offer in terms of historical knowledge *, ** and leadership (more than a minute).

interesting analogy can be drawn from the definition of juniorization
on the website “BrickWiki a wiki is intended to cover all aspects of
what comes to be known as the hobby of LEGO.
‘Juniorization BrickWiki defined as follows:

term used by LEGO adult consumers [AFOLs) both describe and criticize
the inclusion of some highly specialized elements in sets instead of
existing elements that can be assembled in the same configuration.
Belching (Big ugly piece
rock) could be considered a juniorized element but it is more common
to refer to parts such that it is simply an element that plays five
stacked together. “
The ‘BrickWiki follows: “The main complaint is that the use of
juniorized parts reduces the chances to build alternative models, one of
the pillars of the AFOL activity.”

as the analogy depicts Lego: companies are laying off executives who
have finely polished, sets of special abilities, and their replacement
by cheaper, younger employees who have changed less, but more diverse
By analogy in the world of Lego, employment of less skilled workers,
lower ranking will result in long-term deficits of the organization in
terms of flexibility and adaptability.
* Historical knowledge is something that the process used juniorization put no value. They are willing to give up years of experience for short-term savings.“We have learned from history that we learn from history.”• Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”• Edmund Burke** Leadership is not a skill that can be taught in graduate school. This is a set of skills. And guess what. Not everyone has the propensity for leadership, so for years and years of good veterinary leaders are needed. Thus,
throwing employees with less experience in the pool management to see
who goes under, it is not the best leadership development process.
This will result in the loss of valuable talent by burning and frustration.

The term juniorization is not new. In
an article published in October 2004 in the Columbia Journalism Review (
“Letter of Johannesburg: The problem with transformation” by Douglas
Foster in Cape Town, South Africa), the term is attributed to the online
source: double language Dictionary as

The investigation resulted in a new and terrible word :. Juniorization a
multitude of sins covered when the most experienced journalists leaving
the profession because they have been traumatized by covering political
violence that swept the
in the 1980s, or the crime or AIDS in the 1990s, when the talented
journalists hijack double their salaries by the government or companies
as master manipulators;. when someone is promoted beyond their
and even when a reporter to create a false history, “juniorization” is
a unique label size used to shame people Newsroom without explicitly
mentioning that most of the “juniors” are black. “

Accordingly, the term juniorization has long maintained a negative connotation. However, the contemporary issue at hand threatens an aging population
that is already struggling to establish pension plans without promise of
social security benefits.

A recent blog post on theSkimm defines as Juniorization. “The
term of why their hours of happy office are constantly rowdier It is
when the employees of a large fire company to replace them with younger
because 40 is the new 30 is the new 25 .. not new
legal way. “

theSkimm ‘s coverage, which refers to an article in Business Insider
titled Wall Street is gripped by something called “juniorization” and
crazy will some people in the practice of senior traders shooting was
found and sales staff and
their replacement by young people as one of the main causes of concern talent. However, this trend was recognized in the world of financial services is not limited to this area.

None of this is to put all the blame for these juniorization practices on professional relationships. Obviously, these guidelines are of a higher level. However, the level of complicity that is exerted by the human resources people is incredible. There is a smile on the faces of employees and kicked in the ass on the way to the door.

The days of working for a company throughout his career are in danger of extinction level across from extinction. But, do not show me a rat and call a puppy. You
can simply “following orders” (think of war crimes), but do not tell us
that you make decisions fair and non-discriminatory business.
Because we’re just not that stupid.


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