Romance Your Home With a Custom Window Treatment From the Pages of Jane Austen

you dream to spend evenings curled up in a bay, surrounded by an
elegant velvet trim and lace drape while buried in a copy of his
favorite novel Jane Austen chipped?

A classic style of custom window treatment Regency can transport you back in time and give a romantic touch to any room.
go Negrita
not leave your curtains blend into the background, with bright colors
and bold designs, can become the centerpiece of the room. 

Regency style custom window treatment can add warmth and depth with
dark red, blue, rich, emerald green or blue with gold details.

colored solid can be combined with woven brocade with bright abstract
designs with silver or gold thread to add drama and luxury fabric
texture to your space.
These dark colors can also be contrasted with lace or chiffon lighter color to add complexity and interest to the design.
Add Layers
Austen characters should have drawn a lateral layers of curtains to look longingly through the windows. heavy outer curtains were often covered with a thin layer of lace or chiffon, and covered with a dramatic valance.  

All these layers can create drama, but have additional practical uses. velvet
or brocade outside curtains keep the drafts and provide privacy when
closed, but can also frame a romantic view when pulled to one side with
decorative bows.

Or low light lace curtains can be used to diffuse and soften the light in rooms that receive direct sunlight. A valance hides the workings curtains with a decorative accent and
often joined the stylistic elements of a custom window treatment set.
Tie a tassel
really embrace the past and adopt a style that could be admired in the
library of Mr. Darcy, accentuate your window treatment with tassels.
bright colors that can be cut with a heavy fringe to match curtain
loops with tassels for a conventional theatrical aspect.

single braid or twisted cord Tasseled ends can be covered in a number
of creative designs to add drama and luxury of Regency style curtains.
Additional acorns can be used to recover the cable in the center and corners of the window to a balanced design, sweep. Tasseled Recording can also be scanned by a creative asymmetrical pattern.
home decorating fashions come and go, but a classic look can still be captivating. With
the ideas of the time of the Regency style, you can read a good book
and imagine yourself comfortably in an English country house, waiting
for her suitor to call.
novels of Jane Austen never go out of style, and neither will the
warmth and luxury of this traditional grip on window treatments.;

Romance Your Home With a Custom Window Treatment From the Pages of Jane Austen

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