Cyberpunk Subculture – Art Imitating the Near Future

interpretation of the world of cyberpunk reflects the result of
deprivation of economic and political rights of whole populations and
sustained, if not physically, certainly psychologically by draconian
security laws, open to interpretation by the collective efforts of
government and mega-

new futuristic dark black mandate neo authoritarian forces “will be to
control and contain not serve and protect. Their tactics include the
outsourcing of private armies to complete the implementation of the
government and municipal law inhabited by former veterans of the law
and fight.

although most people will not develop, as shown in the cyberpunk art,
psychologically they will assume despair, nihilism and fatalism same
characters of cyberpunk – marginalized masses controlled by big business
and more
government – creating a 21st-century mansion.

black futuristic science fiction classic Blade Runner (1982) on
steroids which itself dates ironically to be held in 2019. In turn, this
creates a dark landscape where every man for himself and communities
become virtually autonomous mini
-United autonomous within the state government headed by gentlemen of
urban warfare and tips that are mercilessly with the support of private
armies to protect their thuggish and acquire resources.

elements of the creation of this cyberpunk world join up by red flags,
such as negative interest rates, the inability of central banks to stir
the dying request, hoarding cash and underinvestment by business
worldwide that already have a strong political influence .. you have
the latest cutting-edge mega-structure design with rents and mortgages
that only the rich can afford housing that will serve tomorrow 21st
century no one will be able to
pay incredible. In addition, the recent creation of a multitude of hyper-dense
megacities worldwide means that populations of most of the more can be
more easily controlled in a smaller area countries, rather than

This interpretation is not new or unique. A
number of red carpet and independent films have been produced over the
decades with the same subject, fantastic movies on a Saturday night with
microwave popcorn and cold beer in hand.

is considered nothing more than an urban subculture Bohemia participate
in certain games futuristic role, when in reality, and perhaps
unknowingly, in urban areas.
In other words, this could be something more than a game. The
difference is that we could be closer to a severe economic downturn that
could result in life imitating art.

because of technological progress moving at high speed, the devices
toted characters in fantasy stories of the past have already been
invented are used, if not by the military, probably by civilians in the
next two years.

gadgets are not as compelling as it once was, instead the focus is now
more on the characters that with these tools, are the fight against the
full cooperation of mega-corporations and governments;
fight against the perverse need extreme exhaustion compliance and
gradually the last traces of individuality by psychological lobotomy by
invasive insidious subliminal means readily available 24/7 cable
television entertainment.
Essentially this cabal repressed, neutralized then exterminates the will. To paraphrase one of the characters of the cult film My Dinner with Andre (1981), “Someone who is bored is asleep. And someone who is the sleepy can not say no. “

some, with its aesthetically disturbing landscapes, it has an exotic
dark even romantic, attractive nightmare fantasy that one can escape by
closing the session and “wake up” at any time.
with the real possibility of plunging into an economic abyss, this dark
fantasy can become one of the worst nightmares.
a painfully ironic way, technology seems attractive, but can not save
us, it is simply a tool of his time whose purpose is to survive, like
any other technology of disintegration of the unit in the past, as
the combustion engine, airplane, telephone, etc.

depression of the 1930s had its own “face” of hopelessness and
helplessness, despite the latest innovations in travel like phones, cars
and airplanes.
These faces are currently represented by a dystopian future world similar economic depression – a deep malaise. Devoted urban areas in the 1970s with its rampant violent crime serve
Boomers who survive well because these are the special forces of his
training camp in adulthood.

the other hand, Millennials may be in shock for a radical change,
because despite its economic difficulties paying for college, loans
Colleges and underemployed who have never experienced a period of
actual street violence.

All these speculations soon the twilight zone is a warning not to look
at the art cyberpunk too close because it can not find a familiar face
in the performance – yours.

Associates LLC copyright 2016 Indo-Brazilian All rights reserved.

Associates LLC is a global advisory service based in New York and
reflection with connections to the international investment specialist
of the highest level, assessments of political and security risks.
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Cyberpunk Subculture – Art Imitating the Near Future

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