Celebrations and Other Excellent Family Gatherings

am the youngest of five girls, baby surprise tail-end with my sisters
11 to 16 years older than me and dragged on one and a half each.

gave me a great opportunity to have older brothers to advise and guide
me to my parents for me for many years, when they might be the only
child, nephews and now great-nieces and nephews to entertain and
entertained by the advantage of a large family, exciting and fun.  

Although spread over four states, we met frequently. It started as a family reunion every summer and then spread to an “aunt Party” each fall. Then add a sister spring and summer meet with the other guests sometimes and other times our group remained “private.” Cousins, envious of that camaraderie created their own cousin’s party. A good time is shared by all every time we meet.
There are also all other special celebrations such as weddings, births related, anniversaries and “big”. This past weekend, my older sister have graced a 80th birthday surprise.  

she knew that something was going on as my brother-in-law and niece
took her to the car for a 4 hour trip on the fate of the party, I did
not know exactly what we had expected.

everyone had to travel another fun thing was the arrival of guests in
single, multiple, and crowds along the first night and the next morning.

dinner and games with wild cards (and not a statement of “Happy
Birthday”) that was rolling in bed, he got up early for coffee, then
casually waited until the appointed time when I
asked my sister located in the city with me to buy a couple of things that I had forgotten.  

agreed and as soon as the engine is started, the rest of the family
flew into action with decorations, posters, specialty foods, gift
packaging, and everything for the perfect holiday.
Cellular communication prevented us to warn our imminent return and
give designers sometimes hiding and then jump closets and hallways when
we walked in the door.
“Surprise!” eco since achieved a great event with flawless coordination. Although everyone had pitched in two of my nephews, they had led the program to design fun, food, and fun for everyone. As they had rented a large house, there was plenty of space for sleeping, chatting, cooking, playing and laughing. In fact, for the second night and I had laughed so much my sides ached with joy. And we still had half a day to more emotions.
nieces have also thrown together (defined as we throw hours of
purchase, design, creation and implementation of) a second dramatic
event: a baby shower for my nephew and his wife.
Again party planners transform the room into a stunning view of baby goodies replacing birthday. Woohoo! What a great surprise it turned out to be like my brother knew niece’s birthday, but nothing on the shower. His face beaming with happiness.
The last morning we were exhausted with everyone who has a home player. Snowflakes fell slightly, but the sun peeked also make good turns for everyone.  

My two-hour trip included to remember the fun, but also amazed by the wonders of my great family. I
find brothers who hate each other, parents who are unhappy with their
own parents, cousins ​​and uncles who complain complain.
Fortunately, none of these dampen our meetings. 

may be a few veterans in the bottom of my family, but I do not really
know because they just do not seem in these celebrations, although it is
not licensed in their daily schedule.
Instead, it allows me to enjoy the love and laughter with great people. Hmmm, I wonder when we will meet again next?


Celebrations and Other Excellent Family Gatherings

Celebrations, Celebrations and Other Excellent Family Gatherings, Excellent, Family, Gatherings, Other

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