Kitchen Design Trends for 2016: Fusion of Beauty and Functionality

The kitchen is an important part of home improvement projects and also one of the best investments. Being the most crucial part of your home, which is attractive and fully functional can be critical.  

He underwent extreme changes and now become more than just a space to cook food. In today’s world, there is a room used for family gatherings where families and friends enjoy meals together. Therefore, it is the dream of all owners have a working kitchen well planned and well, whatever the type and size.
to the increasing changes and technological advances, incorporating a
variety of important factors to follow the latest trend seems to be a
wonderful idea.
Here are some of the design trends in 2016 to help owners find their way to a beautiful functional kitchen:
1. Smart Storage: Enjoy cabinets, drawers and pantry not only go with the latest trend, but help enjoy plenty of storage. They provide enough space for everyday serveware, pots, pans, and other items. Some of the items include embedded knife slots, shelves, removable
baskets, pantry walk-in closet, shelves mounted on the wall, turning
corner, open weave baskets, and more.
The soft colors: the introduction of a new tone can sometimes change
the entire look of a kitchen and soft colors will be a great success
this season.
light color palettes in light green, light blue, pale yellow, gray, white and goes well with shades of light wood. cabinets with light color richly colored wood give a modern look.
3. integrated areas: Due to the lifestyle of today a family, or an integrated open kitchen is increasingly popular. As the footprints of households are becoming smaller, open floor plans sense. An open kitchen serves many purposes, such as cooking, socializing, entertainment, reading, and more. They also include more features such as tables, televisions, chandeliers, and even an office.
4. Under-mounted sinks: Most homeowners love the clean look and under mounted sinks offer a smooth space. They are functional and beautiful as any sample edge of the sink above the counter and do not trap dirt. They are easy to install and clean and offer plenty of room to work. The most popular material for sinks are mounted in cast iron and stainless steel.
The commercial quality appliances: Stainless steel has long been the
norm, because it is difficult and offers resistance to corrosion and
The latest trend is to take the steel to a whole new level thanks to high-end devices. Some of the most popular applications include refrigerators built
commercial-grade, high-end dishwasher, convection microwave ovens,
warming drawers and more.
Sydney kitchens move towards efficiency and functionality, with an attractive appearance.;

Kitchen Design Trends for 2016: Fusion of Beauty and Functionality

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