Remember These Five Things Before You Get Upset With Your Kids

1. Once you were a child too.
some, it was thirty or forty years, for others it was much smaller (but
they were, in fact, a child yourself) so keep that in mind when dealing
with their own children.
Try to remember what is was like when I was a child and his parents are angry against you. There are chances that you have been easy and you can probably recall a rebuke (or worse) until today. See if you can remember how it makes you feel, what you want the same for your child?
Before going to distribute any severe punishment, put yourself in their shoes. You do not have to walk a mile in them, take a step. Look around at what they see; he is not the same as what you see. Think about what you know, not nearly half of what you know.
Children act as an entirely different set of rules and their world is much smaller than yours. Their priorities are simple and depend on you for their own existence. Hazards can be seen coming a mile away not even on his radar until it is too late. Instead of being hard and go for them, trying to guide them. Show them what they are doing wrong and point out the difficulties can not see.
2. Do not cry over spilled milk, but we clean.
your child is about to enter the circulation or falling off a cliff
while you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, chances are all you get is a
little upset.
danger deserves a rapid response and strong of you, leaving your laptop
on the counter not (even the thousandth time you said to pick it up).
It is recommended to use cause and effect to the laptop. “The next time you see your laptop on the counter, you spend the
weekend in his room.” No emotional response from you, but the ability to
move forward is needed.
Note that anger is just that, an emotional response. You should try to be more diplomatic with trivial things. This
will teach your child that you mean business in a way that does not
give you more gray hair you have and you will earn the respect of their
authority if they are at a distance too far over the line
what is acceptable (especially if it is a smaller child).
am delighted that when I ask my son to come out do the trash, without
explanation, without complaint and without more energy from me a please
and thank you.
It took years to achieve, but is the absolute understanding from them,
“If I do what you ask me, I must not look at my walls when everyone is
out of the game.”
3. Do you get angry because of unrealistic expectations from you?
These can easily lead to disappointment and make them annoyed with your child. We want our children to excel in everything they do and it is good to push. But if you find yourself getting angry because not hit the ball every time they come to bat you need to tone down. We all want our children to be the best they can be and encourage them to go further away.
have done your best?” That’s what I ask my children, an honest answer
is affirmative enough for me. The trick here is that the father who
always knows if they did everything possible or not, and
has no idea how you know. believe me, if I can see that you are wasting
time and not try your most certainly hard into his face. There is a
difference, and I think knowing
the difference is a skill that all parents develop over time.
The report card, this is an excellent example and the ability to check and see if our expectations are too high. We all want our children to be straight A students and perhaps in his early years at school, they were. Now
they are at a higher level, more and A are B and C. If you do
everything possible to help them with their homework and his grades, he
did not have to accept the fact that their ability
certain questions is just not as high. Everyone is different, so life. Praise them for what they do well; help during the fight and still be there for them when they need help with something.
4. “Mother is the name for God in the heart and on the lips of all children.” Brandon Lee
I like this quote in particular it summarizes the vision of a child in a few words. They look to you for approval, guidance, praise and everything else. You are your alpha and omega and his words are more important in their eyes than anything else on earth. It is an awesome power over another human being and should not be treated lightly. With a single word, you can make your heart soar small or crush their
spirit, keep this in mind before losing his temper over trivial.
Another thing to consider when it comes to your children is to ask: “His behavior is a direct reflection on me? Did
you do something embarrassing me they learned from me or hear me? “Put a
mirror in the middle and your child and make sure it is not your fault,
not to make them upset.
We often see our children reflect our bad habits and our good and
which can generate negative emotions that they end up getting worse.
5. Nothing is “wrong”.
We live in an imperfect world and your child has not been here that long. Instead of getting angry when they do something that does not approve it, show them the error of their ways. Tell them why you’re upset and what danger they might be a result. Use the wisdom they have gained in life to open their eyes and inexperienced little tired of things that can not simply see.
Finally, you should remember that this is not a dress rehearsal, which is the real thing. When they get older they will remember the ups and downs of his childhood, even if it does not. Believe me, that influence the relationship that choose to have with you once they have enough to make all your own decisions. That’s
a fence that does not end in the wrong then so be patient as possible,
now and in the future someone proud to call mom and dad side.;

Remember These Five Things Before You Get Upset With Your Kids

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