Are Bats Driving You Batty?

It was at this time of year when the animals come out, and sometimes going crazy owners. As nature wakes up, he begins to invade the spaces for a number of reasons.  

animals are looking for food after hunger during the winter, some are
changing nesting sites or build more in anticipation of youth, and
others explore the environment after hiding.

Bats are in high demand at this time of the year, so let’s take a look
more closely at what they want and how to get rid of them.
Bats are one of two things in winter, depending on the species. Almost
all migrate somewhat, but some are a long migration to warmer climates
and stay active, while others migrate to specific systems overwinter
This mass exodus when the cold weather arrives has the opposite effect when spring arrives, with an influx of giant bats.
hibernating bats mate and become pregnant, they are in such deep
hibernation that really put pregnancy midwinter waiting while their body
slip into a coma almost like death.

mothers and fathers wake up in the warmer climate who are eager to get
to a safe place before they become babies, and some of them have a long
way to go before that date.
They seek warm, dry shelter, and dark attics and sheds are perfect.
So what can you do? Well, nothing related harmful, prevention is key. You want to start with a perimeter check of any structure on your property.  

Any opening, if they are supposed to be there need to be sealed. Doors and windows need a seal, but also check for cracks and holes under the eaves or crawlspaces. Then be sure to clean these areas of bulk material that can hide bats.
Often these preventive measures will do, but if not, you can use the tools to drive bats. Just be sure to install these deterrents long before they or their young are much more difficult to remove.  

combination of ultrasound and strobe lights made for bats is very
efficient, which creates a very chaotic environment, especially with
hearing and sight sensitive bats.

are many products on the market designed for it and that work quite
well, make sure it is made specifically for bats or has a configuration
for bats.;

Are Bats Driving You Batty?

Are Bats Driving You Batty, Bats Driving, Batty

from Immor-rêve


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