Nine Nifty Nudges

Sometimes life throw things at us without thinking about how we’re supposed to add even more to our plates every day.

This is just a quick exchange of ways of dealing on the basis of some of the many problems that have recently come my way …

Documents and data files that do not require front and center on the
other: I have to move all the documents relating to the finances of the
mother of Jim, health, etc.
in a file in the garage for safekeeping.

2. Review (when asked) and help others: he offered help to a former
colleague while attacking boxes with years of paperwork so you can get
to enjoy his retirement.

3. Tackle your projects in a timely manner; fortunately, our taxes are filed; received the refund; backup files stored with other taxes filed less “precious space” in the garage.

Be willing to “adjust and adapt” at any time: your family, team and
“real time” are all a little crazy right now, and helping my mother with
the preparation and recovery from replacement surgery

5. exception, having to unsubscribe emails read or the time to read more – unless, of course!

Turn off all pings, pointers and other diversions that prevent you to
focus on the project at the time: I find the navigation lot lately
because some call “clique” I see and I wasted too much
time. Although I did not have these pointers for years when he is “looking forward” to be distracted, internet is there for you!

Use the “rule of 20 seconds” to help guide better habits: I move my
exercise DVD for easy access, so I have less excuse not to use my
Shawn Achor, “The advantage of Happiness” uses as one of its fundamental principles.

8. action, not just think, plan and turn it off, get the results you
want: learn to use my new website will not happen by worrying about it –
go and do the job!

9. Organizer is not static but a continuous process while helping to
become more than the finances of my mother, I had to start using a
binder only to document conversations and move all your documents in a
larger media file.

you can be in one of these scenarios, so I’m very happy to have shared
and provided a bit of a push towards accomplishing something that you
waited to exit.
Wahoo! Here’s to your successful organization!

a consultant to the professional organization of more than 9 years,
Rhonda can help you with the support and sincere training.;

Nine Nifty Nudges

Nifty, Nine, Nine Nifty Nudges, Nudges

from 1betterthanall


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