The Gym Girl’s Guide to Pretty: Makeup Review

I love the gym. I love to sweat and work hard. I like chalking and throw heavy weights around. Most
of the time I work with the bros … a lot of times, they share their
bar … children often tell me they want to be like me, or lift like me
(yes, it happens, it
not it must be uncomfortable) … and it is fun. However, this may come as a surprise to you, dear reader … I’m not really a brother. Basically, I’m just a girl, really do not want much to look and feel beautiful, and eat delicious food. Heavy lifting is an advantage. (Just kidding, that’s a lie, I really want everything … pursue their dreams, dear reader!)
Therefore, even when I’m in the gym for my usual bro sesh, I take a little effort to really look like a girl. It is one of the reasons why I love Lululemon clothing. His line is, without exception, very feminine, flattering, and never have to compromise on the quality / functionality. But that’s another article …
Today we will talk about makeup.
Now, ladies, you can be a person who does not care about who sees what and how much of it. dark circles, blemishes, spots on the skin … do not care. Or maybe you are blessed with flawless skin luminous and just do not what the problem is. If you go there, you should not keep reading.
I’m lucky good, but not perfect skin, and I feel better when I put a little makeup. Also I have a dual role in the gym, most of the time, the coach and
the athlete, and I feel the need to put a professional face forward.
I found the years products that work very well in some pretty intense (read sweat) situations. Just to give you an idea occasionally explode (GASP), especially at that time. I have fair skin that tends to be sensitive to perfumes and fillers. I also like to keep my makeup simple routine. I spend 10 minutes or less in my makeup. My standards are quite high, this is what it takes to make my list:
• I need something that can last all day (sometimes that means 10
hours or more), through hard work across the office, teaching lessons,
and often at the gym.
• I have products that will not break the bank. So I wear makeup, and I am ready to invest in a good skin care, you
really do not think it’s necessary to spend a fortune to get high
quality products.
• What do I put in my face should be good for my skin, certainly not worse flaws or imperfections.• And finally, I have the ease of use and accessibility. I will not wait three weeks for my products to ship to Hungary. If I can not pick up around the city, or get online quickly and easily, it will not work.
With these qualifications, that’s what did the trick …
L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute makeup-aged people investing $ ~ 13. This is so exciting. This puts me up from the gym at 5:00 am for my last class at 19:00 with just a necessary editing. It provides a great way (and power accumulation) coverage without feeling thick or crusty. The liquid formula becomes very soft (applied with clean fingers) and ends in a powder. It lasts through sweat and behaves exactly like a champion. I love that it is just a lot of nuances, with a few that are still too light for my skin (which almost never happens). It
is a complete package with actual / UVF UVB SPF 17. As regards the
fight against aging, I can not really talk about the benefits, but also a
great irritant free base, it is a versatile winner.
This formula is suitable for all skin types.
I really like the additional coverage offered by the visible lift
serum, not always need as much coverage, especially in hot and humid
conditions, a lighter option is what I prefer.
this case, I turn to Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted
Moisturizer SPF 12 $ ~ or Neutrogena 20 Healthy Skin Glow Sheers SPF 30 ~
$ 13. These are two very pretty steep formulas I used interchangeably.
Tinted clear that the more pure matte Glow transparent and only slightly.
Both are well mixed, and provide coverage button. Add SPF and this is just a fantastic choice if you are looking for something light. Dry Suitable for normal skin. This does not mean the workhorse that the formula of L’Oréal, but it really is another great option to match a bit.
I want to follow my foundation with a powder compact. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Powder SPF 20 ~ $ 13 was my go-to for years. Not
only do they offer a little more protection SPF (just to be safe) on my
foundation, but it allows the foundation to last longer.
(I mention that I often go out very long days) This is mixed well, is
doing well, and comes in a variety of shades, with nothing that can
irritate the skin.
Talk coming eyes. I like to keep things simple. I get eyelash extensions for a couple of years and I love them, so I really have not a mascara recommendation to offer here. In the morning when all I have is time for the foundation, the legs are doing their job, and I do not give a second thought. But often the weather permits, I like to add a little eyeliner on your upper eyelid. Whatever your preferences eye makeup, the last thing you want is the appearance of raccoon when finished with the last set. This is what I used to sit.
First, I use a primer. Not
everyone may need this step, but as it is oriented towards sports
crowd, I find it necessary when I wear makeup, exercise, then head
straight to work to prevent wrinkling my
eyeliner. The least touch up required, the better. I use E.L.F. Lock start of the eyelid shade, Sheer $ 2, then follow with a layer of powder is pressed after an eyeliner or shadow. This is completely pure, and did a great job. My only complaint is that the tube is not really much, but it’s really cheap who usually keep on hand. I want to take this place to the target.
Maybelline New York Unstoppable Eyeliner ~ $ 5-8. However thick or thin, if you like to wear eyeliner, eye liner is hooked and can do anything. As I said, once you leave for the day, I do not want to take too much time for touch-ups. It glides smoothly, do not pull the delicate skin, and once in place can not be beat for endurance.
Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner with SoftFlex ~ $ 6 is another great option, which is actually similar to the formula of Maybelline. As they apply very well, and stay put.
Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm $ ~ 7. Last but not least, keep one of these handy wherever you go. I’m not too much of a red girl lips. I’m
always worried that spread on the teeth or the entire face, plus I’ve
always found it hard to find a texture that I like to wear lipstick.
My lips will dry out easily. This is the perfect solution. It is very moisturizing, keeps lips smooth and healthy (a must), and has the most beautiful its subtle color. My favorite shade is shining petals. I have not checked in the mirror when I put it, or worry if you need to touch … It is almost perfect!
Dear reader, I hope this has been helpful! When it comes to makeup, there are so many options, it seems a good recommendation is priceless! Also, remember, you are beautiful, with or without! For now, that’s all #gingersays.;

The Gym Girl’s Guide to Pretty: Makeup Review

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